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Miracle news February 2014

-A few weeks ago Pastor Georg had a word of knowledge that God wishes to heal someone who had been told by the doctor that their heart was too old for their age. A lady came forward who had been told that she has the heart of an 80 year old! Pastor Georg prayed for her and a while later she went to the doctor. The doctor called out, “What have you done? You have the heart of a young lamb!” -A...

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Miracle news January 2014

Praise Report Glory Invasion Jan 2014 in Stuttgart/Germany:The Glory Invasion with David & Stephanie Herzog & Georg Karl here near Stuttgart opened up whole new levels & dimensions of glory for our church & ministry as well as for the whole region and German speaking nations!Signs & wonders of all kind accompanied the fresh revelation from the word of God, that opened up...

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Miracle news December 2013

A few months ago at the end of a Sunday service Pastor Georg set free the anointing in the basket of clothes (these clothes can be laid on the sick in other places and on those who cannot attend the service). On this particular Sunday Pastor Georg had the impression that someone had put in a clothing item especially for a person with a medically incurable sickness. Thereupon a lady said that she...

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Miracle news November 2013

For 2 years a man had problems with his knees which caused him a lot of pain. On a Sunday during the service in the Glory Life Zentrum the power of God touched him and he is now completely healed!  At the last Miracle Weekend Pastor Georg preached that matter is made up of tiny sound particles and that this has also been proved by the scientists. He said that sound brings matter into motion...

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Miracle news October 2013

A man suffered from a blocked ear and the Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist couldn’t help him. Whilst listening to a Sunday sermon by Pastor Georg Karl he noticed his ear opening and then Pastor Georg had a word of knowledge for someone with a blocked ear and the miracle was complete! -A man was allergic to many foods (which led to stomach cramps and diarrhoea). After someone in the healing team...

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Miracle news September 2013

Six weeks ago, Pastor Georg prayed for a baby with problems because it only weighed 2 kg at birth. Afterwards the baby put on 5 kg within only 6 weeks. The doctors say it’s a miracle! -A lady’s toe overlapped another toe. A few weeks ago someone in the healing team in Stuttgart laid hands on her and she now testifies that both the toes are straight and lie nicely next to one another! -A couple...

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Miracle news July 2013

A lady from Hamburg visited the Miracle Weekend in Stuttgart in June. She suffered badly from arthritis and was overweight. She was completely healed from arthritis at the service and, when she got home, experienced supernatural loss of weight – she had lost 7 kg! She continued to lose weight over the following weeks! -Many signs and wonders took place in the Glory and Miracle Service in...

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Miracle news June 2013

*A man in Deggendorf had been taking cortisone for pain in his knee which had been injured 4 months ago in an accident. The cortisone wasn’t even helping.In the miracle service the pain disappeared and he could move his knee freely again!*A man had bent fingers through arthrosis. Suddenly during the service he noticed that his fingers were straight and he could move them freely!   -A boy...

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Miracle news May 2013

-In May, during the Miracle Service in Stuttgart, a lady was delivered of a spirit of lethargy. This spirit had hindered her to get up in the mornings and now she was totally free! -A man had smoked with only a short interval for 20 years. In May, during the Miracle Service in Stuttgart, Pastor Georg, through a word of knowledge, addressed this spirit and since then this man has not craved for a...

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Miracle news April 2013

-At the Glory and Miracle Weekend in Stuttgart on the 27/28 April 2013, about 250-300 people experienced the amazing glory and transforming miracle working power of God!Many, many were permanently bodily, psychologically or spiritually changed. A wealth of, some spectacular, healing and deliverance miracles took place in both services. The amount of testimonies just didn’t want to end: All kinds...

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Miracle news February 2013

A lady reported that she was freed of a deformed spine in Deggendorf. She had had movement disabilities since birth. She also said that the tight jeans she was wearing started to slip off her and that her face wrinkles disappeared. -A lady had a lump that you could feel on her thyroid. In Deggendorf, after she claimed the healing power of God, the lump was no longer there! -A lady in Linz...

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Miracle news December 2012

-The Miracle Weekend in Stuttgart on the 15th/16th December was the most powerful that we have as yet experienced!The glory of God was revealed in both services with an abundance of supernatural miracles and healings!*All sorts of pain disappeared immediately, movement disabilities were removed, the healing of Carpal tunnel syndrome took place, the healing of people with various illnesses as...

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