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Miracle news November 2013

30. November 2013

For 2 years a man had problems with his knees which caused him a lot of pain. On a Sunday during the service in the Glory Life Zentrum the power of God touched him and he is now completely healed! 

At the last Miracle Weekend Pastor Georg preached that matter is made up of tiny sound particles and that this has also been proved by the scientists. He said that sound brings matter into motion which brings about movement and change. He gave an example by speaking out healing for the left knee of a man sitting in the first row. However, he did not know that this man did actually have a sore knee which had been caused months ago by an injury. This man immediately claimed this healing for his knee and since then he has had no problems with it. He can now walk, dance and hop without pain!

-The clock miracle we had in the church last year repeated itself by a lady from the church. At midnight the radio-controlled clock suddenly ran for a quarter of an hour forwards and then jumped back to the correct time (just like in the Miracle Service in November 2012 at 12:00 h!)
Exactly 12 hours later (at noon) the clock again ran fast for a quarter of an hour jumping 4 hours (like in the Miracle Service in December 2012)! And then for the third time, 12 hours later, the clock did it again! Apparently God wants to remind us that we now live in a new time range, i.e. in His timing!

Financial miracle:

-A lady bought a train ticket from a machine at the station to travel to the Miracle Weekend in Stuttgart. After she had inserted the amount of money needed the machine produced the ticket but then also returned the exact paid sum! She therefore travelled free!


-Another lady reported that on the day after the Miracle Weekend she was surprised that she had received a rise in pay, paid back from October! She also said that she made a call with her prepaid cell phone which only had €1.50 left on it. When the call was finished she was amazed to find that she suddenly had €10 plus on her phone!

-The Glory and Miracle Weekend from the 15th to 17th November 2013 was by far the best we’ve had so far!

Already at the start on Friday evening the glory of God began to manifest: after praise and worship the floor around the preacher’s stand was suddenly sprinkled with gold and silver particles which was a “kick-off” to a weekend full of miracles.
During this time dozens of peoples were healed and set free of all sorts of illnesses, pain, movement disabilities, misalignments, functional disorders, psychological problems, demonic burdens. Many spectacular creative miracles took place and many people received the new life through Jesus Christ. Golden glitter on the floor, on hands and body parts, were signs showing the presence of the glory of heaven and some people had supernatural oil coming out of their hands, saw lights, angels and felt the wind of the Holy Spirit!

Some people received exact words of knowledge and prophecy which helped to set them free in their personal callings and destiny.
Lots of sons and daughters of God were anointed and equipped with power for various pioneer callings, prophetic gifts, teaching and evangelistic service, callings in the business world as well as for pastoral works.
The power and glory of God in Jesus Christ is unsurpassable!

Reports of some of the outstanding miracles:

*Many people were healed and set free of deafness, bad hearing and all kinds of ear problems. A lady was in hospital with an acute ear infection. She had to undergo a complicated operation in which her skull would have to be opened. On the Friday night Pastor Georg had a word of knowledge to this effect and that this person would be healed. A friend of this lady was in the service and took the word for her friend and sent her a text message telling her that at a quarter to 9 p.m. she was healed. At 9.30 pm the doctor examined this lady and said there was nothing wrong. The next morning she was discharged and the operation was cancelled!

*At least 7 people had crooked fingers. On Saturday night they experienced their fingers being straightened by the creative power of God!

*Some people experienced creative miracles in that lengthening and shortening took place: a young lady who had 2 different sized feet (as well as them being oversized) experienced how her feet grew to the same size and shortened so that she could have a smaller size shoe!

A lady who always had to have her trousers shortened because she was such a shorty experienced her legs growing 5 cm longer. She paraded around the hall in her “cropped” trousers!

A lady had a toe which hadn’t grown to normal size. After the laying on of hands it grew to the correct size!

Furthermore, many people experienced lumps in their body shrinking and disappearing!

*For approx. 7 months a man suffered acute pain and disability of his neck. He was unable to work because of the strong medication he had to take. On the Saturday night these problems disappeared!

*A lady who had, since her childhood, an inward curvature of the back (Lordosis) experienced it being straightened.

*A man testified that hair started to grow on his bald patch when creative miracles were set free in the room.

*Someone in the healing team laid hands on a lady with a rash on her hands. She experienced seeing the redness disappear completely and the rash was almost gone!

*After the laying on of hands a lady who had been unable to kneel for the last 2 years demonstrated in front of everyone how she could once again kneel and sit on her heels without pain!

*A lady was for many years disabled as a result of back pain which occurred during a pregnancy. Hands were laid on her during the miracle weekend and since then she has been pain free and is enjoying her new lifestyle!

*A man testified that months ago he attended a Glory and Miracle Weekend in which Pastor Georg laid hands on him because he had cancer of the bladder. A while later he was examined by specialists who were surprised that there was no longer any sign of cancer!

*A person in the healing team prayed for a child with floppy big ears. In the meantime this child now has normal sized firm ears!

*A young lady was supposed to have her wisdom teeth taken out. After prayer she again went to the dentist who was surprised and said there was no more need to have the wisdom teeth extracted!

-A lady reported that a cervical vertebra had given her problems for 2 years and at the November Glory and Miracle Weekend in Stuttgart, after the laying on of hands, the vertebra moved into the correct position. Her therapist confirmed that a change had occurred and her bone was now in the correct position. The healed lady could then give her testimony to her therapist telling her that we do have a God that works wonders!

-A lady from the church knew a cleaner at work who was from Turkey. One day the Turkish lady didn’t do her job properly. When spoken to she explained that she was in pain. She also said that for a long time she was very uncomfortable driving a car because of a similar pain. The lady from church offered her prayer and she accepted. As a result, through the power of God, her legs that were different in length evened, and tendons, ligaments and nerves were healed. Since then this Moslem lady is very happy because she is longer stressed with pain!

-A lady in the church spoke to a man at her work. He’d had problems for 2 months with walking because of pain in his Achilles tendon. She laid hands on him in the name of Jesus and he was completely healed! He was totally taken aback and said, “Unbelievable!”

-On Sunday at the end of the church service Pastor Georg had the impression that someone was being healed of pain and movement disability caused through a dysfunction in the spine. A lady had been in pain for the last 4-5 weeks between the shoulder blade and spine which had caused a disability to move her upper arm. When she heard the word of knowledge she took it to be for her and, in the spirit, saw her body being “scanned”. When the points of pain were registered she heard a “peep” and the pain eased at each point. She was then able to move her arm again. The following morning when she woke up the pains were completely gone and she could move her arm freely!.

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