Pain disappeared

Healthy spine

At the end of last year and beginning of this year, I received prayer in the livestream for healing of my thoracic vertebrae. At work, they had shifted due to incorrect lifting and since then I had been in constant pain, whether I was sitting and leaning on my back or lying down. When lying on my stomach, both my arms fell asleep. But after this prayer, strength went through my thoracic...

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Cured of neck and shoulder pain at the conference

Dear Glory Life Team, I arrived in Filderstadt for the conference on Friday with very severe neck and shoulder pain. The pain was also very severe during the evening event. Nevertheless, I joined in the worship and raised my hands to God. When I went to bed, the pain was still there. The next morning I found that the pain was as good as gone. No one had prayed for it. Just a little pulling in...

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Taken back 18 years in time: Healed and pain free

Dear Pastor Georg, dear Pastor Irina and dear team, I had an ankle fracture in 2005 and a femoral neck fracture in 2018 with severe mobility limitations and severe pain. Pastor George took me back 18 years in time when everything was fine. He released me from the time period of being bound. I myself never had the revelation of being bound. Now I proclaim every day, I am no longer bound, I am...

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Hip healed: pain that lasted 9 years is now gone

Hello Pastor Georg, I was at your event in Zurich (Hirzel) on Saturday. So much happened. Many generational spirits had to leave me! When I came forward, I wanted to start again with Jesus and make a mark in the visible and the invisible world. I was also healed of a deformed hip; I had pain for over nine years, it is gone now! Thank you for your ministry and God's blessings! Love, E.

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Word of knowledge: freed from knee pain

Dear ones, last Sunday during worship a word of knowledge for knee problems came up. Since I had already prayed about it a few months ago (the pain was less, but I was not 100% pain free), I continued to place myself on the accomplished victory and did not report. A healing servant, who knew about it, got the impulse to ask me if the legs were the same length. She checked this and...

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Hole in the eardrum closed supernaturally without surgery

Hello dear pastor George, since four months I had very strong earache. Therefore, I visited an ENT doctor. After some examinations, my doctor told me that I have a big eardrum rupture with a strong middle ear inflammation. First, the inflammation had to be treated with the medicines cortisone and antibiotics and only after that the eardrum crack/hole should be operated. I already had prayers for...

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Healing from severe back pain after prayer on the phone

Hello dear ones, Last week was my spiritual birthday (5 years since my salvation) and I asked the Lord if He had a gift for me.... In the evening I received the following message: Good evening, can you help me? At the moment I have severe pain in my lower back on the left side over my buttocks and hips to my knees and further to my toes. We spoke on the phone and I asked her how bad the pain was...

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Locomotor system is back in divine order and worries disappear  

Dear congregation,  in the special healing service last Saturday my aching knee was healed - but not only that: Pastor George also prayed for my locomotor system to come into divine order. I can walk upright again and my hollow back has straightened. It is a joy for me to walk again. Every now and then the fear of pain came back. On Thursday, I had pain all over my body at night. When I woke up...

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My moms ear and hip healed and I can walk longer distances again

Hello dear ones, My mother could not hear well in one ear. After prayer she hears well again. Thank you, Jesus.  After putting on an anointed cloth, the pain from her hip was less and she could walk better again. Hallelujah.  Thank you, for all your prayers. In my case, the Lord also made my arms grow the same length during prayer from the healing team. My legs were also touched after prayer: I...

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after prayer in special healing service: Restless legs disappeared

The restless legs are up and away, I mean they are at rest! That is a great gift from God. Also that I don't have much pain in my shoulder when I write anymore! That is really much better! As soon as I have been back to the dentist and orthopedist, I will let you know about the healing. Thank you so much to you and your team and everyone for this great Saturday, a day of glory and miracle. God...

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free from pain at the livestream

I had bumped my knee before Christmas and had pain kneeling on it. I watched the healing service on 10 April 2022. And the pain is gone, I can kneel again without pain. God is good, there are still several things and I know and trust that God is doing everything well. Like Pastor George said, God has thoughts of peace upon us, he has good thoughts. For his thoughts are not ours, I thank the Lord...

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mightily touched and healed by the Holy Spirit during my first church service

Dear ones, on Sunday, April 24 2022, we came to the church service with a first-time visitor. She was mightily touched, also received healings on her pancreas and pain in her arm was gone. On the way home she said she still had such hot hands and felt power. My friend told her to put her hands on my shoulders from behind as she had been feeling partial tension pain for some time. The next day...

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