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Cured of neck and shoulder pain at the conference

14. June 2023

Dear Glory Life Team,
I arrived in Filderstadt for the conference on Friday with very severe neck and shoulder pain. The pain was also very severe during the evening event. Nevertheless, I joined in the worship and raised my hands to God. When I went to bed, the pain was still there. The next morning I found that the pain was as good as gone. No one had prayed for it. Just a little pulling in the back of my neck now. On Saturday evening, as a group of 11 from the Bavarian Forest, we still had the great privilege of Brother Yun praying with us and for us and blessing us with his anointing oil. Without knowing about my neck problem, he exactly put his hand on the spot and said the word ” healing”. Well, I guess I will cancel the scheduled appointments with the physical therapist. All glory to Jesus for complete healing!!!, M. from D.

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