Operation averted

Heavenly surgery – polyp removed from uterus

Dear pastor Georg, to the glory of God, I want to give you medical and spiritual feedback on my daughter's healing, after consulting with her and seeing the medical documents. When you spoke a word of knowledge on Saturday afternoon at the conference that cysts and polyps are now being dissolved in women, my daughter received this word for herself. At that moment, as parents who were there, we...

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Tumour marker results drop dramatically so that an operation is no longer necessary!

Dear Georg, I received good news from the gynaecologist today. At the end of October 2014 I spoke to you and you then prayed for me (I was supposed to have an operation to remove malignant cysts and an ovary with the option that I may have to have a total hysterectomy). Today I received the tumour marker result which is 15.6. This is a normal value. Normal value is less than 35. Before the...

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Toe operation no longer necessary!

I had an ingrown toe nail on my big toe which was inflamed, septic, swollen and very sore. At the Healing Service Irme and Manuela from the Healing Team prayed for me. The pain eased and the swelling went down even whilst going home. I had already made an appointment with the doctor for an operation but when the doctor saw my toe he said that an op was no longer necessary. Jesus is sooo good!...

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Glory of God in a convalescent home

Dear George, Dear Irina, Dear Team, We come from Hamburg and have often visited your services. We live in a convalescent home with mentally ill women. We are experiencing the Glory of God more and more in our home. A lady accepted Jesus and many have an open ear. We’ve also witnessed to many healings. A lady had acute knee pain and had been to see the doctor often who also prescribed a MRT. On...

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Abscess disappears – operation unnecessary

Dear Glory Life Team, Dear Sisters and Brothers, Last Friday I was invited by a friend from a former prayer group to her birthday breakfast. Whilst still together the son of a friend of ours came from the doctor with a referral to hospital where he would be operated on that day.  According to the doctor an abscess had again developed which had been removed 5 days ago under full anesthetic. He...

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Healing of the hips as well as flat and splay feet, and a calcaneus spur

About a year ago we were in a service at Glory Life in Stuttgart. In one of the first services George had 2 words of knowledge for me: A hip operation was planned and I already had a referral for it at home. However I had torn the referral up and went to the service believing that God would heal me. God be praised and thanked, He heard my prayer and since then I have no more problems. Then...

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