Foot amputation no longer necessary

Dear ones, At the beginning of last week, a Gloryhouse participant asked us to pray for her brother-in-law who was in hospital and after many examinations the doctors decided to amputate his foot because it was no longer supplied with blood and one toe was already gone. On the day of the operation, we prayed with the Glory House couple and a healing servant from the Glory House who was visiting....

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Foot shrinks and many other miracles!

Dear Pastor Georg,On the 2nd October 2013 I was in the service in Deggendorf.For years I’d had a problem when buying shoes. It wasn’t easy finding a pair as my right foot was a shoe size bigger than my left foot. When I told you my problem, you laid your hand on the longer foot and it got smaller. After checking their length you laid your hand on the foot again and the result was: both feet are...

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Crutches unnecessary – foot supernaturally healed!

On Thursday evening I had an accident. The doctor said that I would need crutches to walk with for at least 2 weeks.On Saturday I got a lift to the Healing Service and received prayer there. During the sermon I noticed a change in my foot and to my surprise noticed that I could put weight on my foot. I then took a walk in the church building and walked up and down the stairs and gave my crutches...

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Stiff ankle and flat feet healed

As a result of an injury over a year ago my ankle became stiff. During the Glory and Miracle Church Service on the 22nd June it suddenly wasn’t stiff any more. Yahooooo! I also had twisted feet and had to walk with my feet spread out to the side. Because of this the foot bones were exposed to constant stress and this caused heel spurs. On the 22nd June I experienced another miracle whereby my...

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Numb and painful toes healed!

For quite a few months I had a numb feeling in my toes that went into pain on my left foot. During the service in the Glory Life Zentrum on 8th June I started in faith to move my very painful foot. The pain disappeared immediately! Whilst I gave testimony the pain suddenly returned with severity. I then took authority and said, “In the name of Jesus I’m not accepting this”! At the same time,...

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Healed from flat feet

Dear Georg, In July 2014 my daughter Nathalie was in the Miracle and Healing Service in Hamburg. Among other things you also prayed for her feet which the orthopaedist said looked like flippers (she had no arch – her feet were completely flat). As a result of her being overweight she had deformed arches which gave her acute discomfort. Immediately after you prayed she felt different but one...

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Different sized feet become the same size – no more two different size shoes!

Dear Georg and Irina, I wish to share my joy with you! On Tuesday (after the Glory and Miracle Service in Hamburg on 2.11) I assessed that my feet with a half shoe size difference were now exactly the same size! And I didn’t even think about getting prayer for that because it just wasn’t so important to me. I sort of received this wonderful healing by the by. I’m so happy! (I guess it was...

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Toe operation no longer necessary!

I had an ingrown toe nail on my big toe which was inflamed, septic, swollen and very sore. At the Healing Service Irme and Manuela from the Healing Team prayed for me. The pain eased and the swelling went down even whilst going home. I had already made an appointment with the doctor for an operation but when the doctor saw my toe he said that an op was no longer necessary. Jesus is sooo good!...

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Delivered from numbness and pain in the foot!

Dear Georg, I wish to tell you about a miracle. I prayed for a lady at a Healing Service that was in our church for the first time. I prayed for her foot because it suffered pain and numbness A few months later this lady testified and said, “When I got home from the Healing Service my foot was suddenly very painful. I wondered why the symptoms were suddenly more acute and thought that this...

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Toes that had grown together were divided and a stump from a sixth finger disappeared!

Hello George, I was born with 6 fingers on my hands. My feet were also affected – my toes were partly grown together. My mother told me that the doctors undertook operations until I was six months old… With the second and third toe they did not get quite through. Yesterday the glory was so strong and George said we could lay hands on ourselves where we needed miracles. I placed my hand on my...

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New arches are formed

Hallo George, On Thursday new foot arches were prayed for (I had flat pigeon feet). The following day I had my inner soles changed. The orthopedic technician said it was important to train the muscles and so I’ve now started with that: I’ve noticed that I am suddenly able to do things that were once impossible, e.g. that I can maneuver a dice from the floor with both my feet into a dice shaker...

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