A large cut was no longer visible after 2 days 

When I was emptying the dishwasher a few days ago in the evening, I stupidly touched the potato peeler on the cutting edge and when I took it out, I cut myself on the finger, so that a wider wound in the flesh gaped apart. This, of course, bled accordingly. I prayed the following, "the glory of God upon my finger, thank You Father, that by the creative power of God You would heal my finger...

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Crooked finger as a result of a motor bike accident is completely restored!

My Dears, Three weeks ago I prayed for my tax adviser. Six months ago he had a motorbike accident and since then he had a crooked middle finger on his left hand. He was open to God so I gave him an abbreviated input about the power of creation. I then commanded the joints, ligaments and muscles to conform to creation and suddenly the finger jolted. He made a fist and said that there was an...

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Healing takes place in the bus – ganglion disappears and cervical spine is healed!

DruckenE-MailI’ve had a whole lot of precious encounters with Jesus!!! LOTS OF MIRACLES: When I travelled to Stuttgart in a bus I was listening to a sermon on my mp3 player. It was about love and there was lots of glory around me. Eventually I had heard all the sermons on the player and I was so fulfilled that I was beaming. I was so happy in Jesus and his amazing love that someone spoke to me....

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“Problem thumb” healed – no more pain and no more chest problems!

A while ago I had big problems with my left thumb. I couldn’t bend it anymore and if I did manage to I had to use my right hand to get it straight again. I also had no strength in it and was unable to hold anything. My left arm also ached up to the shoulder. I went for healing prayer twice. Since then my thumb is fine. I have strength in it again and can also bend it. The pain has also gone. In...

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Jammed forefinger supernaturally healed

Dear Pastor George, Yesterday (16.01.17) I jammed my finger with the automobile door. It was very painful – my finger bled and turned black. Together with my husband we started to speak into the situation in the Name of Jesus. The pain left immediately and there is now no sign to show that I had injured my finger. Thank you Jesus. C.Z.

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Fingers now completely normal

On Friday afternoon our 3 year old daughter wanted to get in the car. The door was open and somehow she managed to close it catching her right hand in the door. You could see the indentation on two fingers and they were swollen. I took her hand between mine and commanded complete health over the fingers in the Name of Jesus. She stopped crying and for the rest of the afternoon didn’t complain...

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Muslim woman receives healing of her fingers

At water aerobics on Friday, I heard that an obviously Muslim lady had injured her finger in a bicycle accident. I asked if I could take her finger in my hand, and the finger was healed without my praying for it. I told her about Jesus and she got tears in her eyes. She showed me another finger that had also been injured and looked a bit crooked. This was also immediately healed. After showering...

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Broken finger made straight

Dear All,   Our son (13) injured his little left finger at the swimming bath. He caught it somehow on the slide. After having it X-rayed we got the diagnosis that the first phalanx bone in the little finger had broken diagonally just before the joint. The following day the doctor phoned and said the senior consultant had taken another look at the X-ray and felt the finger should also be screwed....

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