Free from fear

After a word of knowledge and prayer: complete freedom from fear of man

I was at the service in Augsburg on Friday and would like to share a testimony:  When Pastor Georg had the word of knowledge that people with fears and insecurities should come forward, I immediately felt addressed. All my life I have been dealing with extreme fears and have known for several years that I need deliverance. God has already set me free from much else where demons also came...

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Deliverance after 30 years of panic attacks

It is at least 30 years ago that before I went to sleep I would have extreme anxiety and then panicked. I had this idea that when someone is dead they do not know what is going on in this world, cannot hear or see anything, are unable to speak – you’re just in a deep dark hole. I mostly eventually cried myself to sleep. When I was having confirmation classes we could write anonymous letters to...

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