A new spine and the renewal of height

During the service with Todd Bentley on the 18th July 2014 I was healed in the lumbar region of my spine. I had a disc that continually pressed into the nerve roots which caused spinal stenosis. During the healing service I felt an extremely powerful current on my whole spine and then at the front the healing was announced. In the following service on the 19th Todd Bentley said, “You have a new...

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Healed from a ruptured slipped disc – doctor says it’s a miracle!

A friend of mine had acute pain in the lumbar region of his spine. He had been to a doctor who had diagnosed a slipped disc and that an operation might be necessary. The man let me pray for him and the pain almost went. I told him to go with the corresponding documents to a specific clinic where a doctor I know works. A few days later he went to the clinic and new examinations were started which...

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Metastases disappear and other healings occur in the environment of a co-worker!

My colleague’s mother had cancer of the bladder and was scheduled for an operation at the end of February. I suggested that she brings a cloth or scarf from her mother so that I could take it with to the Miracle Weekend in Stuttgart with Jeff Jansen. I laid the cloth in the basket on Saturday at 3 p.m. and a reaction started then with this mother. Until the mother received the cloth on the...

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The back of an employee at McDonalds is healed

After church one Sunday we went to McDonalds. While ordering I noticed the employee was moving very slowly with her hand on her back. I presumed she was in pain and asked her if she was. She said she had a slipped disc. I said, “Oh, that is not a problem. My God, Jesus, can heal you. He loves you lots  - may I pray for you?” She nodded yes with a surprised look on her face. I prayed a short...

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