Financial miracle released: money in the mailbox 

Last sunday pastor Irina prayed for me and released finances that I desperately needed. She even released that the money would supernaturally come to my mailbox. On thursday my husband went to the mailbox there was an envelope without a name with that exact amount inside. All glory to the Lord. God is just good I encourage you: trust 100 percent in the Lord, He is our best provider. With love D.W.

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Long-lasting effect from the Glory and Miracle service!

Dear Glory Life Team, I was at the Glory and Miracle service in Hamburg on the 15th November 2015. After the service the following changes took place in my life: I feel free from heavy mental baggage à Effects: inner calmness, peace and tranquility. Lots of strength and harmony in everyday life. Joy in my heart. The fears, worries, the inner driving and the continuous bustle have gone. Other...

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Married couple receive 20-fold financial blessing and encouragement

Dear Pastor George Karl, Irina Karl and Team, My husband and I visited your Glory and Miracle Service in Hamburg on 17 July. To begin with – thanks so much for the wonderful praise and worship. It really brought us into the presence of the Lord. The sermon from Pastor Karl was refreshing and upbuilding. Because we were hungry for MORE we were filled with valuable truths of God. Whilst there in...

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Supernatural provision when shopping and job hunting

On New Year’s Eve Pastor George prophesied miracles of supply for the new year which I urgently needed. He also prophesied that we would be at the right place at the right time.  A few days later I went into Woolworth just as the leftover Christmas sweets and chocolates were being reduced from 50% to 90%. I straightaway packed my bicycle bags full and thought the prophecy had been fulfilled. But...

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New job contracts offering more salary

Dear Glory Life Team, Last Sunday I was in one of your services for the first time and have been very blessed. When we returned from an action holiday (hiking and mountain biking) I had no knee problems and back pain (which I suffered from for years after such holidays – I’m the father of 3 teenage boys) I found two new job contracts offering more salary in our postbox… Since last Sunday our...

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Supernatural refund from the Tax Office

Hi Pastor Georg, On Monday the Tax Office refunded a big sum of money for the tax year 2013. At first the Tax Office said there was no claim to it because the tax return went in too late. However, I prayed that somehow it would go through. Even though the Tax Office had let me know in writing that the year 2013 was finished with, I again put in for it. A tax consultant had said that I have no...

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Donated €300 and received €300

I received a gift of €200 from my aunt. I received another €100 working on an additional job. I thought we could use the €300 for our holiday and put it in a tin. I then had the impression that we should donate the money. Shortly after the donation I was sorting through papers and found an envelope. When I opened it I found €300 in it. Hallelujah L.G.S.

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Abundant financial supply

Financially we only always just had enough. However, since our finances were prayed for at church on 13 August we now have ordered a new car which only cost half of the new price, and we are receiving the money to pay for it from someone. When I returned to work after our summer holiday someone had exchanged my office chair. I now had a squeaky one. The first miracle: I didn’t get upset and...

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Policeman dreams of solutions to cases and heals the sick in the name of Jesus

My cousin Paul (in Russia) started work as a criminal investigation policeman. He was brought up knowing God but abstained because he thought that God did not want him to work as a policeman. There is no church in his city and he noticed that something was missing. Therefore he started to thank God every night for his day and prayed in tongues. Our God is a loving father. When Paul was given...

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Free from fear and a financial miracle

Dear Pastor Georg, I wish to tell you of my new testimony. Since the last conference the grip of fear has slackened considerably.Before the conference it was like this – fear hardly ever left me and had an effect on my health. The fears accumulated and for me it was an effort to get to the next conference. Two weeks ago when you had the impression that God wants to deliver his children from...

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Deaf ears open, little girl wakes out of a coma healed, a financial miracle after prayer

Hello my Dears, Just want to let you know what God has done over the last 3 weeks. On Sunday the 27 May we met up with Daniela for her testimony which she gave in Landsberg. Afterwards we wanted to pray for the sick but there was no longer time so a sister came with to Daniela’s home. She needed prayer because she was unable to hear properly with her left ear. I stuck my finger in her ear and...

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