Shoulder complaint and problems with the gastrointestinal tract disappear!

Hi Dear Friends, In November 14 I had acute pain in the right shoulder and it was painful when I lifted it. Someone from the healing team in Hamburg prayed for me and from then on it got better. After two weeks all pain was gone. Thank you Jesus! In March I also received prayed for my gastrointestinal tract from the Hamburg healing team. I was again having problems with pain, wind and nausea....

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I received a new life and colon cancer disappears

Dear Glory Life Team, I wish to testify about 2 mighty miracles. After a Glory House day two of us visited a lady in hospital with leukemia and kidney failure. She had to go on the dialysis daily and had been bedridden for months. She received Jesus as Lord and she is now walking again after prayer. The lady has recovered so well that they have discharged her from hospital to go to a rehab...

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Lady completely healed from colon cancer with metastases

In February I visited a lady with my mother. She is 33 years old and had received the diagnosis that she had colon cancer. Metastases had already spread in her body and in her lungs.  During the visitI testified how God had healed me a few years ago from terminal Morbus Sudeck. She was moved to tears when I told her. We prayed for her and set free the complete healing from cancer. The doctors...

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