Healing from shoulder problems, Erysipelas (also called St. Anthony’s fire), and a visual defect!

Dear Georg, About 3 years ago my mother continually had acute pain in her shoulder. Two years ago it was so bad she was unable to move her shoulder. We visited a Miracle Service and prayer was received for the shoulder. The healing started – at first it was about 30 %. Over the following 6 months the pain got less and less and for the last 1 ½ years she has been totally pain free and she can now...

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Hazy vision is corrected in Miracle Service

Hello Dear Glory Life Team, On 17 December 2016 I visited a Miracle Service in the Meistersingerhalle in Nuremberg. During the sermon Pastor George Karl had the impression that a person was there with a hazy vision. I felt he was talking about me and put my hand up. Pastor George Karl laid his hands on my eyes and I felt a power that filled me and as I opened my eyes the haze was like it had...

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Vision improved from +10 to +5 diopters

Dear Glory Life Team, I was born with glaucoma in both eyes. When I was 17 years old the lens was removed from my left eye and later a cornea was implanted in it. In 2002, because of a cataract, the lens was removed from my right eye and replaced with an artificial lens. I can only see with the left eye with special glasses because I don’t have an artificial lens in it. Two weeks ago I was at...

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A squint eye is healed

Hallo, Even on arrival to the service in Augsburg I noticed a difference to my eyes, and since last weekend it is clear that I no longer squint with my right eye. My left eye was healed by God some years ago. Hallelujah! I haven’t had the time to have this medically confirmed but as soon as this happens I will let you know. I do know yet for sure if I can see more than before. I am excited about...

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Eyesight gradually improved

I want to thank God for improving my eyesight. Since my childhood I have needed glasses and my eyes have steadily worsened. Last year, during a church service, Pastor Georg prayed for eyes and over the following days my eyesight improved. I had my eyes examined and as a result had to order new lenses for my glasses. On Sunday 14th July, Pastor Georg prayed again for eyes during the service. I...

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