Word of knowledge

Via livestream: better mobility after a word of knowledge

Shalom! Today I was able to attend the service via livestream with joy and gratitude. For some time I have only been able to walk a few steps and sit for a few minutes. The second operation is still a few weeks away. When Pastor Georg had a word of knowledge that someone was here with hip, joint and spinal pain, I got up from the bed and said: 'I stretched out here - I want to receive healing!'...

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Immediate healing of the lungs after Word of Knowledge by Jean-Luc Trachsel

I write the report for my friend: Tonight in the event with Jean-Luc Trachsel, he had already received the number at home: 542! The lung should receive healing. My friend does not know her cell phone number and I had the impression to have a quick look, the final number was 542, I called her quickly so that she would not miss her healing. She has had a bad infection for three days and her lungs...

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