Iron and hemoglobin values improve

Pastor George had a word of knowledge during the last Glory and Miracle Service in Hamburg that someone is present with a low level of iron in the blood. Quite a few people responded and I was one of them. Hands were laid on me and I was prayed for. A few weeks later I had an appointment for a blood test to check my iron value (our Father knows our calendar). My values went from a low of 1.9 in...

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Healed from high blood pressure

My neighbor suddenly had high blood pressure and shook all over. Normally she mostly had low blood pressure. Her husband called the ambulance and asked us for help. I accompanied him to the hospital following behind the ambulance. On the way, we prayed and put our trust in the Lord. In the emergency room I saw an angel of light. This angel put its arms around my neighbor and the peace of God...

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Damaged liver restored

Thank you very much for your prayers.  The actual diagnosis was breast cancer with metastases. The liver, however, was totally damaged as a result of the chemotherapy. After Pastor Irina prayed for the restoration of my liver, on Wednesday I received the news that all the lab values were back to normal.   Hallelujah, God is so amazingly good. ...

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