My moms ear and hip healed and I can walk longer distances again

Hello dear ones, My mother could not hear well in one ear. After prayer she hears well again. Thank you, Jesus.  After putting on an anointed cloth, the pain from her hip was less and she could walk better again. Hallelujah.  Thank you, for all your prayers. In my case, the Lord also made my arms grow the same length during prayer from the healing team. My legs were also touched after prayer: I...

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Immediate healing and further healing process initiated 

During the Healing Seminar at the Easter Conference "Alive" in Winterthur, Pastor Georg Karl asked who had something wrong with their hip. I came forward, some others too, and was surprised that Pastor Georg pulled me out. He spoke of how God can turn artificial joints back into bone, but that HE can also adjust the artificial joints to function as if they were natural. Pastor George only...

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Titanium hips replaced with healthy bones and the lady also receives a new heart!

I wish to give testimony of the miracles which all took place at the Glory Life Zentrum. During 2012 and 2013 I had titanium hip replacements done. As a result I had continual problems – pain in the hips and backache. I could only sit and stand up at a specific angle and with that I was even in pain and my movement abilities were limited. When I went through the security check at airports the...

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Healed from various long term ailments!

For a long time I had hunched shoulders. Since someone from the healing team prayed for me I now have normal shoulders just like when I was young! For 25 years I also suffered a deep pain when my hips and legs moved. Since the Glory and Miracle Service on 31 January this pain has disappeared! I always had to have a cushion between my knees in order to sleep. What a pleasure that this is now a...

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Healing of the hips as well as flat and splay feet, and a calcaneus spur

About a year ago we were in a service at Glory Life in Stuttgart. In one of the first services George had 2 words of knowledge for me: A hip operation was planned and I already had a referral for it at home. However I had torn the referral up and went to the service believing that God would heal me. God be praised and thanked, He heard my prayer and since then I have no more problems. Then...

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Jesus accepted – restoration of family relationships – healing of the hips and spine

Lieber Georg, liebe Irina, heute möchte ich Gottes Wirken in meinem Leben mit euch teilen. Das mit dem Freisetzen der Beschleunigung in unserem Leben nimmt Jesus bei mir gerade sehr wörtlich! So rief mich eine türkische Mutter an, die ich aus der Schule kenne und bittet um ein Treffen. Sie erzählt mir, dass ihr aktuell alles über den Kopf wächst. Ihre vier Kinder schreit sie öfter an als ihr...

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Glory Life scholar prays: Pain and movement disability in the back and hips disappear

Dear Glory Life Team, I’m delighted to report about a healing that happened last week in my new job. The cleaning woman complained about pain and told me that yesterday she had cleaned the parish community center in her town. I then thought that she must be a believer in Jesus so I said, “Well, let us pray”. I laid my hand on her back and prayed. She was surprised the pain was gone and that she...

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Healed from hip displacement

Dear Glory Life Team, I was with friends in the Miracle Service in Nuremberg on Saturday. There was such a blessed atmosphere in the room that I felt I was under permanent electricity. At the end of the wonderful praise and worship when Pastor Georg said there was someone there with pain in the hips with movement disability, I knew that he meant me. After he prayed the pain was almost gone, and...

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