Full recovery after massive head/brain trauma

I am writing to continue the miracle of my son who was dead in the car on 09/08/2019 after massive traumatic brain injury and came back through prayer. The Lord told me that Robin will go back to a normal school from September 2020. He was previously in a physically disabled school after the accident in Germany because he was still very slowed down. During the summer vacations, the Lord spoke...

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Crutches unnecessary – foot supernaturally healed!

On Thursday evening I had an accident. The doctor said that I would need crutches to walk with for at least 2 weeks.On Saturday I got a lift to the Healing Service and received prayer there. During the sermon I noticed a change in my foot and to my surprise noticed that I could put weight on my foot. I then took a walk in the church building and walked up and down the stairs and gave my crutches...

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Angel moves an oncoming car into the correct lane!

Today (24.07.14) when I was going home after work a car which had overtaken a truck in the curve came towards me. There was no way I could avoid this car but then I saw how someone took the car and put it in the correct lane in front of the truck. It was strange to see a car driving “awkwardly” and then I saw an angel standing there and it waved to me! With love, M.I.

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Crooked finger as a result of a motor bike accident is completely restored!

My Dears, Three weeks ago I prayed for my tax adviser. Six months ago he had a motorbike accident and since then he had a crooked middle finger on his left hand. He was open to God so I gave him an abbreviated input about the power of creation. I then commanded the joints, ligaments and muscles to conform to creation and suddenly the finger jolted. He made a fist and said that there was an...

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A man in my class at the school for further training is healed from back and knee problems so that he no longer needs an operation!

The following happened a few days ago. A 26 year old classmate had a motor car accident three weeks ago whereby his kneecap was shattered and he never came to school for a week. When I heard about the accident a voice within me said, “This case is for me, broken knees are not a problem”. And then the day arrived when he came limping into school. He came again the next day and kept holding his...

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Deaf ears open, little girl wakes out of a coma healed, a financial miracle after prayer

Hello my Dears, Just want to let you know what God has done over the last 3 weeks. On Sunday the 27 May we met up with Daniela for her testimony which she gave in Landsberg. Afterwards we wanted to pray for the sick but there was no longer time so a sister came with to Daniela’s home. She needed prayer because she was unable to hear properly with her left ear. I stuck my finger in her ear and...

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Coccyx is healed after 25 years

DruckenE-MailDear Pastor Georg, I am so happy because Jesus has healed my coccyx. It took a while for me to register that it was so. This healing is extra special because I prayed for all sorts but not for this. Twenty-five years ago I had a skiing accident whereby I broke my coccyx and since then always suffered pain, and I couldn’t sit properly. I did 2 years Bible school which wasn’t easy...

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90 year old awakes out of a coma

Hello Beloved, Day-before-yesterday a neighbor told me that her 90 year old mother-in-law in Italy had been in a coma for 4 days after falling and injuring her head. I prayed for her and commanded in the Name of Jesus that she awakes out of the coma to live normally. Yesterday I heard that her 92 year old husband and her son were with her and at the moment that I prayed she opened her eyes. She...

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Shoulder healed and gastro-intestinal problems disappear

On Saturday 10 November I was with my wife in the Glory and Miracle Service in Nuremberg. A few months ago I had an auto accident with a tram and in the Nuremberg Glory Life Service have experienced a miracle on my shoulder. I had continual pain and neither medical treatment nor physiotherapy helped. I could hardly use my shoulder, arm and elbow. The doctor said I should learn to live with it...

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Shoulder healed during praise and worship

During the conference on Saturday night on 17 November my shoulder got healed during praise and worship. When I fell off my bicycle end of May, the handle bars landed on my biceps tendon which caused me big problems. There were some movements that I couldn’t manage at all. I was also unable to hold both arms up together in worship. Since Saturday night I am able to move my arm without pain....

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Little boy wakes out of a coma and his state of health improves

DruckenE-MailHello Dears During the church service (19.09.18) I prayed for little Mirco that had been in a coma for over 2 months. He is the son of a friend of mine in Namibia and is in hospital because he fell off his bed causing brain haemorrage. On 30.11.18 I received the message that Mirco has opened his eyes, can cry and lift his arm. A miracle has happened. My friend’s little daughter also...

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Movement in the shoulder improves and pressure lessens

Hello Dears, On 15 August at the Glory and Miracle Service, prayer was said for people with neck pain, as well as for other ailments. I immediately thought of my friend Uli that should have come with to the service but because of an accident was in hospital. He was suffering with his neck. Later on I heard that as from the moment of prayer, the pain lessened more and more each day until it was...

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