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Movement in the shoulder improves and pressure lessens

10. February 2021

Hello Dears,
On 15 August at the Glory and Miracle Service, prayer was said for people with neck pain, as well as for other ailments. I immediately thought of my friend Uli that should have come with to the service but because of an accident was in hospital. He was suffering with his neck.
Later on I heard that as from the moment of prayer, the pain lessened more and more each day until it was completely gone.

Something special also happened with me at the service. The inside of my shoulder became pleasantly warm and became easier to move and the pressure there lessened. Jesus started there to free me from a burden that had depressed me over the last few days.
I noticed most of all the perceptible change in my psyche. I had been in severe distress and overwhelmed because of a major attempt to defraud me.
After I prayed for people in the same situation it suddenly felt as though this oppression was miles away, and I felt a zest for life which is still with me.

I also experienced much joy and amazing things in the field of supply. I dared to rely on God and was given the right thing at the right time and was able to buy something because it had been reduced in price. I am truly thankful to God and you for these big changes. It is now so much nicer to be able to live feeling so relaxed. Thank you Jesus! And thanks also to you wonderful Jesus people who are not afraid to travel to spread the Word.
Kindest regards from a very different and much happier

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