Locomotor system is back in divine order and worries disappear  

Dear congregation,  in the special healing service last Saturday my aching knee was healed - but not only that: Pastor George also prayed for my locomotor system to come into divine order. I can walk upright again and my hollow back has straightened. It is a joy for me to walk again. Every now and then the fear of pain came back. On Thursday, I had pain all over my body at night. When I woke up...

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Instant healing on the tailbone and lower back in the special healing service

How time flies. Now it's already been 10 days where we were able to spend a beautiful weekend with you. Thank you so much for your email with the interpretation of the color purple that I saw during the healing prayer...and yes, thank you for the healing prayer - you are wonderful women! The tailbone and lower back healed immediately. Anyway, I was able to do yard work and skiing is going again...

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Healed after 18 years of back pain!

Since my pregnancy 18 years ago I continually had back pain.At the Miracle Weekend near Stuttgart from 15th to 17th November 2013 God healed me when someone from the healing team prayed for me. It’s only now that I am really noticing how restricted I was. So many things have become so much easier like driving, making the bed, loading and unloading the dishwasher etc.Thank you!!!  I.Z.

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A man in my class at the school for further training is healed from back and knee problems so that he no longer needs an operation!

The following happened a few days ago. A 26 year old classmate had a motor car accident three weeks ago whereby his kneecap was shattered and he never came to school for a week. When I heard about the accident a voice within me said, “This case is for me, broken knees are not a problem”. And then the day arrived when he came limping into school. He came again the next day and kept holding his...

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Metastases disappear and other healings occur in the environment of a co-worker!

My colleague’s mother had cancer of the bladder and was scheduled for an operation at the end of February. I suggested that she brings a cloth or scarf from her mother so that I could take it with to the Miracle Weekend in Stuttgart with Jeff Jansen. I laid the cloth in the basket on Saturday at 3 p.m. and a reaction started then with this mother. Until the mother received the cloth on the...

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Waitress in a restaurant healed from backache

Dear Georg, Your healing school is top-notch. My confidence grows and my faith increases from healing to healing. Yesterday I went out for a meal with my husband and the waitress complained of backache. I asked her if I could pray for her and she complied. Afterwards she said she no longer had any pain. Hallelujah!!! Thank you Jesus. M.H.

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Neighbor is healed from leg and back problems

DruckenE-MailLast week my neighbor told me that she has been completely healed since I prayed for her! A while ago she told me about the complaints she had with her leg since a fall. The doctors were unable to help further. When she told me this I could feel power in my right hand. I told her about the power I was feeling and said that I was sure that God wished to heal her. She agreed and came...

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Months of knee and back pain disappear and lady can walk normally again

(From a participant of the School of Supernatural Life). Hello Pastor George, Last week I spoke to a lady on the phone and we had a good talk. She then told me that since October she has been suffering with acute pain in the knee and backache, and could no longer walk properly. She had twisted her body and knee as she got into the car. I asked if I could pray for her on the phone. I told her to...

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Fascinating renewal of the body

DruckenE-MailDear George and Irina, Even though it has been weeks ago I’m still almost daily thankful for the wonderful healings that have happened to me during the church service in Stuttgart. Since then I am able to walk better. God has given me a fascinating renewal of my body. I can only stand in awe. To be honest I actually wanted to wait longer before testifying because although I had...

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Glory Life scholar prays: Pain and movement disability in the back and hips disappear

Dear Glory Life Team, I’m delighted to report about a healing that happened last week in my new job. The cleaning woman complained about pain and told me that yesterday she had cleaned the parish community center in her town. I then thought that she must be a believer in Jesus so I said, “Well, let us pray”. I laid my hand on her back and prayed. She was surprised the pain was gone and that she...

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New strength and flexibility in the lower back

I received a miracle on 28 April in Augsburg. Before going to church I was aware that the pain in my lower back seriously affected me and was robbing me of strength.I was determined to get healing for this. When I perceived the Holy Spirit working on me during worshipI said under my breath, yes I want healing, I need healing, I receive it.I suddenly started to sweat and felt a tingling on the...

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My bosses husband is healed from acute pain through a healing cloth

My boss told me that her husband had acute back pain. It was so bad that he wanted to take part in a pain management course. That meant 8 sessions each with an injection in the spinal cord.  My boss remembered that she had two blessed cloths which she had received from me. She secretly laid them under the sheet in her husband’s bed– one in range of his back and the other under his pillow....

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