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Neighbor is healed from leg and back problems

19. February 2021

Last week my neighbor told me that she has been completely healed since I prayed for her!
A while ago she told me about the complaints she had with her leg since a fall. The doctors were unable to help further. When she told me this I could feel power in my right hand. I told her about the power I was feeling and said that I was sure that God wished to heal her. She agreed and came over. I laid my hands on her and declared Godly restoration for her leg. She immediately felt an improvement and now it has fully recovered. Hallelujah, thank you Jesus!!! And now she had problems with her back and colon so I invited her over for prayer. She happily agreed. Her back problems improved with the power of Jesus. God corrected the length of her legs and the hips came right.
The day after she said she was almost as good as new.

Love M.H.

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