Multiple sclerosis

Lady with MS gets up from her wheelchair

Dear Irina & Georg, you great Treasures of God!We thank you with all our hearts for the healing that took place yesterday evening in Salzburg. Experiencing the love of God through you is priceless.Ruth got out of her wheelchair. She could feel the love in you – the love of God in you made her able to move. Later we noticed that there were other signs of healing to be seen in her which I...

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Miracles in a Glory House home group

- A man was in pain and had a feeling of heaviness. During praise and worship he became completely free, the pain and heaviness disappeared. The Lord refreshed him and gave him new strength and joy. Thank you Jesus! - A child that should already be walking (the parents were very worried about this), began to stand on his own and at the end of home group began to walk. - After prayer, outgrowths...

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