Healing cloth

My moms ear and hip healed and I can walk longer distances again

Hello dear ones, My mother could not hear well in one ear. After prayer she hears well again. Thank you, Jesus.  After putting on an anointed cloth, the pain from her hip was less and she could walk better again. Hallelujah.  Thank you, for all your prayers. In my case, the Lord also made my arms grow the same length during prayer from the healing team. My legs were also touched after prayer: I...

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My bosses husband is healed from acute pain through a healing cloth

My boss told me that her husband had acute back pain. It was so bad that he wanted to take part in a pain management course. That meant 8 sessions each with an injection in the spinal cord.  My boss remembered that she had two blessed cloths which she had received from me. She secretly laid them under the sheet in her husband’s bed– one in range of his back and the other under his pillow....

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Due to an anointed cloth my grandson is healed from asthma

My Dears, yesterday my 4 year old grandson had an asthma attack. Spray and inhaling did not help. He was also coughing. My husband and I drove to my son and then prayed for over an hour for the little one. I phoned my son this morning to find out how our grandson was doing. He said there was no improvement. At church I decided to put a cloth in the basket for prayer and anointing and then take...

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Health improves through prayer and blessed cloths

Dear Pastor Irina, I received good news yesterday from my colleague. He approached me beaming with joy: his father is at last looking a bit better, and has eaten again with appetite for the first time in weeks. Three weeks ago my colleague was depressed and thought his father was going to die. I said ‘no’ to this and prayed with him. Every now and then I gave him cloths that had been blessed in...

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Healed from neck pain with annointed cloth

When my landlady visited me about three weeks ago, she told me that she still suffered with neck problems as a result of a rear-end collision that took place over two years ago.  I gave her a cloth that had been annointed during the church service (according to Acts 19:11-12). I always have some of them at home. I told her to put it under her neck while sleeping. I explained to her that the...

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