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Healed from neck pain with annointed cloth

5. February 2021

When my landlady visited me about three weeks ago, she told me that she still suffered with neck problems as a result of a rear-end collision that took place over two years ago. 

I gave her a cloth that had been annointed during the church service (according to Acts 19:11-12). I always have some of them at home. I told her to put it under her neck while sleeping.

I explained to her that the power which the disciples experienced back then is still as effective today through these blessed cloths as it was then, and people are healed of all kinds of ailments. She thanked me and said she would try it.

Day-before-yesterday when I met her in the garden she told me her neck problems disappeared after she rolled it and put it under her neck, and since then she still sleeps with the cloth.



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