Healthy spine

At the end of last year and beginning of this year, I received prayer in the livestream for healing of my thoracic vertebrae. At work, they had shifted due to incorrect lifting and since then I had been in constant pain, whether I was sitting and leaning on my back or lying down. When lying on my stomach, both my arms fell asleep. But after this prayer, strength went through my thoracic...

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Moved by his love: preaching the gospel and receiving healings

Hello dear pastors Georg and Irina,me and my husband visited a new family in our town: a couple with three small children from Ukraine. We brought them necessary clothes and food. And we were allowed to preach the Gospel to them and pray with them! While we were talking about Jesus and who we are in Christ Jesus, the love of God was felt so strongly in the room, this love streamed into us. We...

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Healing from a pinched nerve and movement disability

God is really alive!!!Yesterday afternoon when I got up from the sofa a nerve in the spine got pinched. I had terrible pain from my head to the hips. The whole day I was unable to move my head properly, couldn’t lift my left arm and just couldn’t move correctly. Nevertheless, I decided to do to church and ask Pastor Georg to pray for me.As he prayed I could feel the power of God in me and...

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Cervical vertebra moved into the correct position

Dear Glory Life Team,I attended the Glory Weekend from 15-17 November. It is a great pleasure to experience the love, the joy and the clarity of the Word at your church. For 2 years I had problems with a cervical vertebra. After the laying on of hands it moved into the correct position! My therapist confirmed this! I then told her with enthusiasm how I experienced the power and glory of a great...

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A new spine and the renewal of height

During the service with Todd Bentley on the 18th July 2014 I was healed in the lumbar region of my spine. I had a disc that continually pressed into the nerve roots which caused spinal stenosis. During the healing service I felt an extremely powerful current on my whole spine and then at the front the healing was announced. In the following service on the 19th Todd Bentley said, “You have a new...

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Free from acute problems in the thoracic and lumbar vertebrae

Dear Healing Team, I was honored to experience healing during the Miracle Service in June. I had a blockage of the spine and couldn’t breathe properly, couldn’t lift my arms higher than 90 degrees and couldn’t walk upright. During the service Pastor Georg prayed for me and afterwards I was able to lift my arms higher and the pain was gone and is still gone! On the 17th August I was again honored...

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Straightening of a weak crooked neck and crooked thoracic spine – lady grows another 3 – 4 cm!

Dear Georg, As promised a while ago I wish to testify in writing what I experienced in a Glory and Miracle Church Service. Since my childhood I’ve suffered with a crooked cervical and thoracic spine. These ailments caused problems with things like pillows and mattresses of which mostly always ended up in bad buys. One morning this summer during my prayer time I laid hands on my neck and prayed...

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A man from our church prayed for a carer and she is healed permanently from a pinched sciatic nerve!

Our carer arrived last week with pain and she could hardly move. She said that her sciatic nerve had worried her all day. Just as she wanted to go home she stood stiff and sore in front of me and said that she definitely had to see the doctor to get an injection… I spontaneously said that she could get an immediate injection from Dr. Jesus. Before she could understand what I was talking about I...

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Healing from cervical spinal problems

On 17 June I attended as usual the Glory & Miracle Service in Nuremberg. Pastor George told all people with cervical spinal problems to stand up and the other people in the room should pray for them. For many years I was unable to turn my head to the right for long because I got a pain behind my ear which shot down my neck to my shoulders. A young man prayed for me. During the service today...

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Jesus accepted – restoration of family relationships – healing of the hips and spine

Lieber Georg, liebe Irina, heute möchte ich Gottes Wirken in meinem Leben mit euch teilen. Das mit dem Freisetzen der Beschleunigung in unserem Leben nimmt Jesus bei mir gerade sehr wörtlich! So rief mich eine türkische Mutter an, die ich aus der Schule kenne und bittet um ein Treffen. Sie erzählt mir, dass ihr aktuell alles über den Kopf wächst. Ihre vier Kinder schreit sie öfter an als ihr...

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God straightens the body and foot begins to glow in the Glory

Last Thursday when I was watching Glory Life School online, the Glory of God came upon me like never before. God restored many things in my body and above all I felt Him straightening me via my bones and muscles etc.. When I’m in certain posotions my body is crooked, e.g. when I kneel. However, at the end of the lesson I sat happily with straight legs on the floor and blissfully looked at my...

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Healing of the spine

Hello Pastor Georg, It is so wonderful when God takes over. The question is though, do we claim it. With me it is often the case that I am unable to control it and I find that super because then it’s the will of God taking place and not mine. I experienced healing of the cervical spine in various stages. On a Thursday in our school you said that someone is receiving a new disc between the 3rd...

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