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Straightening of a weak crooked neck and crooked thoracic spine – lady grows another 3 – 4 cm!

30. April 2021

Dear Georg,

As promised a while ago I wish to testify in writing what I experienced in a Glory and Miracle Church Service.

Since my childhood I’ve suffered with a crooked cervical and thoracic spine. These ailments caused problems with things like pillows and mattresses of which mostly always ended up in bad buys.

One morning this summer during my prayer time I laid hands on my neck and prayed that it would be made straight. I immediately felt on my upper back that I was being massaged on the outside and felt a wonderful easing of tension. A few days later I prayed again and suddenly my cervical vertebrae straightened! All of a sudden I had a new muscle which held my neck up.

And then at a Church Service where I asked you to lay hands on me… At first the little length difference in my legs was adjusted; then when you prayed for my back I felt a power and afterwards walked once or twice around the hall as though I was on cloud 9.
The next morning I said to my husband that something has happened and we should measure me. He measured me (correctly against the door frame) and said 1.76 m. I said that that just couldn’t be because I was normally 1.74 which is also written in my passport! He said, “Okay, but it is at least 1.76.” Because I’m over 40 I’ve shrunk a bit so that means that my spine has stretched 3 or 4 cm after being prayed for! I’m curious what they’ll say in the passport office when I get my new passport next year.

I now need an extra book under my monitor.
And my kitchen worktop is definitely a problem. It’s now 3 cm too low!
And I need a new mattress…

Thank you Lord Jesus! 
S. V.

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