Healing of high blood pressure and healing of the right part of the lungs

Dear brothers and sisters, Jesus has cured the essential hypertension (high blood pressure) - until now I had to swallow 3 tablets just because of the high blood pressure. Now I don't need any more pills for my blood pressure :-))). When I was with you in the miracle service about 3 weeks ago, Jesus healed my right part of the lung which was broken due to decades of cystic fibrosis. Only a year...

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Immediate healing of the lungs after Word of Knowledge by Jean-Luc Trachsel

I write the report for my friend: Tonight in the event with Jean-Luc Trachsel, he had already received the number at home: 542! The lung should receive healing. My friend does not know her cell phone number and I had the impression to have a quick look, the final number was 542, I called her quickly so that she would not miss her healing. She has had a bad infection for three days and her lungs...

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Healed from high temperature and breathing problems!

Hallo Dear Healing Team, I would like to report a healing. I prayed for a lady who was in hospital with a very high temperature. After the prayer the temperature immediately became normal. The young lady was very surprised and accepted Jesus!!! Two weeks ago Wolfgang from the Healing Team prayed for me that I would no longer have breathing problems when I go for a walk. The next day I went for a...

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A friend is healed from lung problems, experiences supernatural correction of leg length and converts!

Dear Georg, I just have to let you know what happened. Do you remember when you asked on Thursday if someone had a lung ailment or if someone knew a person with such a problem… and I went forward because of my school friend whom I have known for 40 years? She was diagnosed this year with a dangerous lung embolism and therefore suffered with asthma. Today was the day. I helped her to unpack...

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No more shadows or scars on the lung!

I have a testimony to tell from Biggi. I took her today to the Lung Specialist. She knows from the past that she nearly died as a baby and had spent 12 weeks in hospital. A few years ago a doctor diagnosed shadows/scars on the lung and was very worried about her. Georg prayed for her once and she spontaneously went to the front and testified that she suddenly was able to breathe with ease. Well,...

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Healed from heart problems and asthma

Hello my Dears at Glory Life Zentrum in Filderstadt, My husband I took part in the Pentecost Conference in May 2016. After the Sunday service with Pastor Georg I went up for prayer.  For the last 4 years I’ve suffered, especially with exertion, acute heart problems with pain radiating down my left arm, as well as related breathing problems. On Monday morning I woke up with the word “jogging”. I...

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Lung restored after operation

Shortly before my operation in March 2018 I went with my husband to Glory Life. Although I had never smoked I had a 5 cm big lung tumor. The tumor was surgically removed as well as a lobe in the right lung. Despite the size of the tumor all the examined lymph glands were fine. For a while after the op I was physically and mentally drained. The healing team, as well as Pastor Georg, prayed often...

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Healed from chronic lung disease

Hi Dear Ones, An 80 year old client of mine has suffered for 20 years with a chronic lung disease, whereby the pulmonary alveoli are continually destroyed. I prayed for her and the next time I visited her she told me the lung disease had gone! The alveoli have recovered and the doctor said she should also inform the other doctors about it. Regards, B.

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