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A friend is healed from lung problems, experiences supernatural correction of leg length and converts!

23. April 2021

Dear Georg,

I just have to let you know what happened. Do you remember when you asked on Thursday if someone had a lung ailment or if someone knew a person with such a problem… and I went forward because of my school friend whom I have known for 40 years? She was diagnosed this year with a dangerous lung embolism and therefore suffered with asthma.

Today was the day. I helped her to unpack moving boxes. When I got the opportunity I prayed for the correction of the length of her legs and the one leg promptly grew 1 cm thus correcting the difference! This was for me the ideal time to get going… it was so easy (so funny – that of all things…)
When in the office I often use the saying “This system is more difficult than a leg-lengthening procedure” with which I of course stick my neck out but in the meantime I do have the courage whether someone is a believer or not.

Later I asked my school friend if the Lord Jesus had knocked on her heart yet. She confirmed that he had and we prayed the prayer of salvation! Afterwards I prayed for her lung although I really don’t have any experience. However, I just trusted God and indeed her breathing suddenly became easier, at first a feeling of pressure moved around but left when I laid on my hands. I’m so happy… what a day! 🙂


God is really wonderful the way he guides me through these “ways”. You wrote so well about this in your book and it gives so much joy to read it all!


Thank you


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