Titanium hips replaced with healthy bones and the lady also receives a new heart!

I wish to give testimony of the miracles which all took place at the Glory Life Zentrum. During 2012 and 2013 I had titanium hip replacements done. As a result I had continual problems – pain in the hips and backache. I could only sit and stand up at a specific angle and with that I was even in pain and my movement abilities were limited. When I went through the security check at airports the...

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Abscess disappears – operation unnecessary

Dear Glory Life Team, Dear Sisters and Brothers, Last Friday I was invited by a friend from a former prayer group to her birthday breakfast. Whilst still together the son of a friend of ours came from the doctor with a referral to hospital where he would be operated on that day.  According to the doctor an abscess had again developed which had been removed 5 days ago under full anesthetic. He...

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A new Christian prays and an abscess dissolves

Hi there, My colleague who converted to Christ through me prayed for her husband. He had an abscess surgically removed on his neck which grew again in the same place. On Friday my colleague said to her husband, “I will now pray for you and you’ll then see if you need an appointment with the doctor on Monday or not.” She prayed in the Name of Jesus and by Monday there was no sign of the abscess –...

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Lumps are disappearing, hollow back is gone

Dear Irina and George Karl with the Glory Life movement, For a few months now I had could feel little lumps in my throat and on the upper part of my body. I kept ignoring it because the thought that my voice would be affected etc. made me scared and worried. At the moment when George had the impression that God was dissolving things we don’t need for us in a lake like lumps, tumors, Psoriasis...

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Lump on the head dissolves

ear Pastor Georg, I prayed for Ms B three months ago because she had a lump on her head. She gave me a call because her doctor had said that the lump is growing inwards and he has to keep an eye on it. After prayer she went to another doctor who said it should be surgically removed for which she made an appointment. The shortfall for this procedure was €130. Her husband said she should just...

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