Personal miracle reports

Lumps are disappearing, hollow back is gone

17. February 2021

Dear Irina and George Karl with the Glory Life movement,
For a few months now I had could feel little lumps in my throat and on the upper part of my body. I kept ignoring it because the thought that my voice would be affected etc. made me scared and worried. At the moment when George had the impression that God was dissolving things we don’t need for us in a lake like lumps, tumors, Psoriasis etc., I noticed that my throat was suddenly smooth and later at home I noticed that the lumps on the upper part of my body were also gone. Wow, that is powerful! On my way to church that day it was my wish that God would do something because I felt my voice was affected even when singing praise. God is so good!
And on Saturday when you came to Augsburg my spine was straightened so that I no longer have a hollow back. Later I tried to get my hand through the gap between my back and the back of a chair like I used to but it was no longer possible.
God has done so much. I went for prayer to someone in your healing team who prayed for my nose and since then my breathing is much better.
Thank you, thank you, thank you Jesus!!!
Carry on in the flow of the Holy Spirit so that His works increase!
Best regards,

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