Pelvic obliquity

Healed from a lopsided pelvis

My wife had a lopsided pelvis for years. At the moment she additionally has backache from carrying the baby. She asked me to massage her and at the same time I prayed for her. While massaging I could feel the lopsided side at the muscle. I asked her if she would like to be rid of it. I remembered that George always asked by different sized feet which should be changed. Soooo, I asked S. and she...

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Healed from incontinence

Hello, since April I take part in the Glory Life School. In a teaching, which I listened to at home, Pastor George said miracles are happening beyond time and space and you can pull your miracle down even at home. During a Miracle Service the pastor had a vision of a woman whose bladder continually dripped. I didn’t have a bladder problem but a very weak pelvic floor which caused this very...

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Lopsided pelvis back to normal and short leg grows

I was in the Glory & Miracle Service in Hamburg on 3rdMay and Pastor Georg prayed for me at the end of the meeting. I had a lopsided pelvis because my right leg was too short and this was healed. My leg grew to the correct length and my pelvis went into the right position.My physiotherapist confirmed this. I listen to Glory Life messages every day!!! Yahoo – so glorious!

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