After prayer, the heart beats again without skipping a beat

Dear Pastors Irina and Georg Karl, A few days ago, my daughter E. had problems with her heart on several nights. In 3 nights, she had 1 short interruption each time. Last Wednesday night she had 2 interruptions. We prayed over the phone that the interruptions would disappear. On Friday afternoon, my daughter went to the doctor. He examined her and couldn't find anything wrong. The skips are...

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Healing of high blood pressure and healing of the right part of the lungs

Dear brothers and sisters, Jesus has cured the essential hypertension (high blood pressure) - until now I had to swallow 3 tablets just because of the high blood pressure. Now I don't need any more pills for my blood pressure :-))). When I was with you in the miracle service about 3 weeks ago, Jesus healed my right part of the lung which was broken due to decades of cystic fibrosis. Only a year...

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Healed from heart problems and delivered from shingles

Dear Georg, I wish to let you know about two healings that I’ve received in connection with Glory Life. At the end of January when David Herzog was at your church I was healed of heart problems which I’d had for approx. 9 months (racing heart, sporadic pain and frequent feeling of pressure). What impressed me more than ever was the glorious presence of the Lord – I’d never felt it so strong...

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Titanium hips replaced with healthy bones and the lady also receives a new heart!

I wish to give testimony of the miracles which all took place at the Glory Life Zentrum. During 2012 and 2013 I had titanium hip replacements done. As a result I had continual problems – pain in the hips and backache. I could only sit and stand up at a specific angle and with that I was even in pain and my movement abilities were limited. When I went through the security check at airports the...

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Powerful miracles happened whilst listening to the Glory Life messages!

Hello Dear Glory Lifers! I once again wish to thank you for your wonderful sermons. They refresh me every time I listen to them! And now miracles are also starting to take place for me. In summer I broke 2 ribs and the doctor said I’d need at least 4 weeks to recover. It only took one week and I was fine. A while later I got badly sunburnt which turned into itchy blisters. Within a half an hour...

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Healed from heart problems and asthma

Hello my Dears at Glory Life Zentrum in Filderstadt, My husband I took part in the Pentecost Conference in May 2016. After the Sunday service with Pastor Georg I went up for prayer.  For the last 4 years I’ve suffered, especially with exertion, acute heart problems with pain radiating down my left arm, as well as related breathing problems. On Monday morning I woke up with the word “jogging”. I...

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Heart healed

DruckenE-MailHello George, Irina and Glory Life Team, In 2009 I was diagnosed with myocardial insufficiency. Last year in February my heart stood still. Luckily my husband was at home when it happened. He immediately phoned my doctor and also the doctor on emergency call. My doctor came straight away and massaged my heart and then the emergency doctor arrived. I was taken to the Reutlingen...

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Healed from irregular heartbeat and poor circulation of the blood. Foot supernaturally healed while listening to a Glory Life School CD

While taking a walk over Easter I fell and grazed my nose. I also sprained my left ankle which became so painfulthat I went to the doctor.  The reason I fell was because of poor circulation which had recently become a problem. Marion (from the Healing Team) took my pulse ascertaining irregular heartbeat. She prayed for my heart and circulatory system. Since then my heart beats regularly and I no...

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