Personal miracle reports

Powerful miracles happened whilst listening to the Glory Life messages!

23. April 2021

Hello Dear Glory Lifers!
I once again wish to thank you for your wonderful sermons. They refresh me every time I listen to them! And now miracles are also starting to take place for me.
In summer I broke 2 ribs and the doctor said I’d need at least 4 weeks to recover. It only took one week and I was fine.
A while later I got badly sunburnt which turned into itchy blisters. Within a half an hour they were all gone without cream or medication.
A few days ago my heart contracted and I had stabbing pain. Whilst praying my heart immediately relaxed and everything was fine.
Today, for some reason, I was unable to stand on my left leg and had acute pain. After praying all was well.

With this letter I wish to take the opportunity of giving Jesus Christ the honor and your messages which are upbuilding and redemptive.
Halleluja! I love you all. Silvia from Ennsdorf in Austria.

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