Metastases disappear and other healings occur in the environment of a co-worker!

My colleague’s mother had cancer of the bladder and was scheduled for an operation at the end of February. I suggested that she brings a cloth or scarf from her mother so that I could take it with to the Miracle Weekend in Stuttgart with Jeff Jansen. I laid the cloth in the basket on Saturday at 3 p.m. and a reaction started then with this mother. Until the mother received the cloth on the...

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Healed from a bladder infection and painful shoulder

Four weeks ago I went away for the weekend with my friend to just have a break (she is also a Glory Life School student). On the first evening I started with an acute painful bladder infection and wanted to drive to a chemist. However my friend laid her hands on me and prayed. Within 2 minutes all pain was gone. The following day I caught a nerve in my shoulder, I had pain shooting down to my...

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