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Healed from a bladder infection and painful shoulder

17. February 2021

Four weeks ago I went away for the weekend with my friend to just have a break (she is also a Glory Life School student). On the first evening I started with an acute painful bladder infection and wanted to drive to a chemist. However my friend laid her hands on me and prayed. Within 2 minutes all pain was gone. The following day I caught a nerve in my shoulder, I had pain shooting down to my hand which also went numb every now and then. My friend again laid hands on me. To begin with my hand no longer went numb and then the pain left. I was completely without complaints and we were finally able to enjoy the break… Hallelujah, thank you Jesus.

Jesus also repairs appliances. Yesterday when I wanted to watch a dvd on my computer nothing worked and I just got error codes. I started to pray and the video promptly functioned with no problems. Praise the Lord.
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