While dreaming with God my hearing was retuned

It happened during the Glory House evening. We wanted to look for the dreams of God - what He would show us and what He would speak to us. Accordingly, we prayed together that the Lord would open our eyes and ears that evening. After a soaking time where we wrote down many things and also got pictures, I began to speak and some of those present shared their impressions. The presence of God was...

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Moved by his love: preaching the gospel and receiving healings

Hello dear pastors Georg and Irina,me and my husband visited a new family in our town: a couple with three small children from Ukraine. We brought them necessary clothes and food. And we were allowed to preach the Gospel to them and pray with them! While we were talking about Jesus and who we are in Christ Jesus, the love of God was felt so strongly in the room, this love streamed into us. We...

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Hole in the eardrum closed supernaturally without surgery

Hello dear pastor George, since four months I had very strong earache. Therefore, I visited an ENT doctor. After some examinations, my doctor told me that I have a big eardrum rupture with a strong middle ear inflammation. First, the inflammation had to be treated with the medicines cortisone and antibiotics and only after that the eardrum crack/hole should be operated. I already had prayers for...

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My moms ear and hip healed and I can walk longer distances again

Hello dear ones, My mother could not hear well in one ear. After prayer she hears well again. Thank you, Jesus.  After putting on an anointed cloth, the pain from her hip was less and she could walk better again. Hallelujah.  Thank you, for all your prayers. In my case, the Lord also made my arms grow the same length during prayer from the healing team. My legs were also touched after prayer: I...

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A deaf ear hears the same as the good one!

Hi all of You, At the Healing and Miracle Service last Sunday I felt a sudden opening up in my right ear, a new different feeling of hearing. Although I had always been able to hear well this ear didn’t have the full hearing capacity – I’d say only 70 to 80 %. After a word of knowledge from Pastor Georg and him praying for me we did a test. I now hear the same with each ear and want to give our...

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We had a Healing Service in Bethsaida. Pastor Georg had a word of knowledge that a person had narrow ear passages. The doctors always told me that I don’t hear well because of narrow auditory passages. When Pastor Georg laid his hand on my ear there was a plop –it was as though God had widened the ear passages. During the rest of the day I became aware that I could hear well again… D.K.

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Deaf ears open, little girl wakes out of a coma healed, a financial miracle after prayer

Hello my Dears, Just want to let you know what God has done over the last 3 weeks. On Sunday the 27 May we met up with Daniela for her testimony which she gave in Landsberg. Afterwards we wanted to pray for the sick but there was no longer time so a sister came with to Daniela’s home. She needed prayer because she was unable to hear properly with her left ear. I stuck my finger in her ear and...

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Healed from deafness, scoliosis and lopsided pelvis as well as arthrosis

DruckenE-MailDear Pastor Georg, Because of my bad hearing, I had an appointment with the ear, nose and throat specialist in May 2018. The result of the test was that I only had 50 % hearing. The doctor said I should get hearing aids. I replied that I do not want to use hearing aids because I believe in God and healing. The doctor was skeptical. In August 2018 I was prayed for by the healing...

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