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Moved by his love: preaching the gospel and receiving healings

10. May 2023

Hello dear pastors Georg and Irina,
me and my husband visited a new family in our town: a couple with three small children from Ukraine. We brought them necessary clothes and food. And we were allowed to preach the Gospel to them and pray with them! While we were talking about Jesus and who we are in Christ Jesus, the love of God was felt so strongly in the room, this love streamed into us. We have never experienced anything like it, we were just taken by His love. The woman was sick, she had a curved spine and a herniated disc with pain and had already had treatment in Ukraine, but it didn’t help.
We encouraged her that Jesus is there he will heal her. In front of our eyes her spine was straightened. Her right foot was 2 cm shorter than the other, the Lord made both feet the same length without us praying, the woman exclaimed, “My foot is growing!” The Lord also healed the ears of this wonderful woman, she had constant ear infections and pain, but the Lord took all that away, we were literally filled with His love and prayed and sang in the Spirit. Suddenly the couple was singing with us in heavenly languages.
De two wonderful people are doing many social projects with orphans in an orphanage in Ukraine and they will return home in a few days.
The Lord has blessed them so mightily – Hallelujah! We were also deeply touched by His love! Thank you Jesus 🙏, Love greetings, D.+S.H.

P.S.: The Lord reminded me of a Bible passage from 2 Corinthians 5, verse 14: Whatever we do, we do because the love of Christ moves us!

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