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Woke up from coma (after signs of brain death) through prayers

10. May 2023

Hello dear ones,
my new colleague’s 24-year-old son was hit by a drunk driver driving 80 km/h. He flew 30 meters. He was hospitalized with a fractured skull, broken or fractured cervical vertebrae, ruptured liver and spleen, and bruised kidney, and was placed in a coma. Everyone in our Gloryhaus Whats App group interceded in prayer for him. We also prayed for the driver.
After about a week, he fell into another coma on his own. The doctors said there were clear signs of brain death. We remained in prayer for him and remarkably on SUNDAY MORNING he woke up. Examinations revealed that the organs were healing well and the cervical vertebra was “unexpectedly” healing well and growing together. My colleague sent his thanks and he was very happy to receive the “Gospel in tablet form” (medicine box with Bible passages instead of pills) from our book table. He can soon go to his grandma’s house where he can be well taken care of. We are so grateful to God, the Lord over space and time and hearer of prayer, our doctor to whom nothing is impossible. Kind regards, T.K.

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