Time miracle

Teeth whitened and travelling time abbreviated

I am so amazed at all that Jesus does! I have received white teeth! My dentist noticed it last month when I went for a checkup. What a super great miracle!!!!! I am so happy about it! The last time I went to the Glory and Miracle Service in Hamburg in September 2016 I experienced a time miracle. Both on Sunday and on Monday! With public transport I usually need 45 minutes each way. For both...

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Time reduction miracle – testicle tumor disappears – lump disappears

Dears Pastors Irina and Georg, Before the year closes I wish to keep my promise to write out my testimonies.   Testimony #1: At the beginning of the year I was at a Sunday evening service in Hamburg with Pastors Georg and Irina. I left the hall just before the end of the meeting. When I got home I thought my watch was broken because I’d only needed a half-an-hour to get home instead of one....

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Time reduction miracle on the way to church

Dear Pastor Georg, Before I forget, I must let you know about the time reduction miracle I had on Tuesday on my way to church. My daughter and I wanted to go to church on Christmas Day but somehow we were running late. We wanted to, as ususal, leave home at 9 o’clock but only managed a half an hour later. It was clear to us that we would be late for the service at 10 because we needed 40 to 45...

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God fulfills my dream for a coat

Dear Pastor Georg, God gives us our heart’s wish. I received a little present for Christmas from God through a family. It was a big surprise for me and I did not know how to thank for it. This was a sign of divine supply for me with many surprises coming up in the new year. I have always wanted a bordeaux red coat. I never told anyone about this and never thought my wish would be fulfilled...

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Supernatural transfer with the car

When we were on our way home from church on 20 January 2019 we were supernaturally transferred in time. When we got home we went about the usual things. I was in the kitchen preparing a meal. My father appeared at the door with big eyes and asked with a shaky voice, “How fast did you drive home and how long have you been here?” I calmly answered, “We drove at about 130 km/h but had to brake a...

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Time reduction and break-up of a traffic jam on way to a Glory Home Group

On 20 February my Glory Home Group at Angelika’s started at 7.30 pm. I worked until 7 pm and I knew I wouldn’t make the distance of 40 miles on time. I left work at 5 after 7 and prayed, “Father, I want to get there on time.” There was a heavy traffic jam so I commanded it to break up and flow, and proclaimed that I would be punctual. I changed to the left lane and suddenly was driving faster...

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