Thyroid gland

Prayer and faith: thyroid gland brought from extreme underactivity to normal function

Hello,   I would like to share with you such a great testimony from my life.  19 years ago, doctors diagnosed hypothyroidism, which also caused very severe effects on my health - such as weight, fatigue and also mood swings. For years I had to fight this disease again and again, which had to do with different doses of the tablets.  In June 2021, I surrendered my life to the Lord and grew...

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Thyroids healed – medicine no longer necessary!

During the healing service in June Pastor Georg had a word of knowledge that God wanted to heal thyroids. I went forward and stood in for a friend of mine who had an overactive thyroid and had to take medicine for it. The following day I laid hands on her and prayed for her. Afterwards my friend went to the doctor who diagnosed that her thyroids were functioning normally and said she no longer...

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