A homeless man converts and goes back to living a normal life

I experienced a powerful conversion last year in December. This occurred as follows: It was very cold outside and I was shopping at Aldi. Beforehand I had prayed that Jesus would put a person in my path that would be open for Him. I came out of Aldi and saw a homeless street vendor selling a particular newspaper. I went up to him and gave him some money so that he could buy himself something...

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A man in the supermarket takes on Jesus

Dear Pastor Georg, I was in a shop this evening and heard a man at the check-out saying he was going to visit his fiancé in hospital. I spoke to him about it… I noticed that he was down, that he needed a miracle. He told me that he had many traumas behind him and that he drank a bit too much alcohol. I testified what Jesus had done for me, about the free and restored life I now live. He was a...

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Miracle in Glory House Group – deliverance e, healing, muslim converts…

Dear Pastor Georg, We again had two new participants in our Glory House. On this evening, N. was determined to be delivered from fear. The power during prayer was amazing and many had pictures during the deliverance showing the causes for this ailment. D. gave his testimony as to how he found Jesus. He had been a muslim and apparently already knew God, but drifted completely into the drug scene....

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