Personal miracle reports

A homeless man converts and goes back to living a normal life

17. February 2021

I experienced a powerful conversion last year in December. This occurred as follows:
It was very cold outside and I was shopping at Aldi. Beforehand I had prayed that Jesus would put a person in my path that would be open for Him.
I came out of Aldi and saw a homeless street vendor selling a particular newspaper. I went up to him and gave him some money so that he could buy himself something warm to eat. The man thanked me and we started to chat. I quickly knew that this man had been led to me in order to get to know Jesus. I told him that Jesus loved him very much. He pricked his ears up and wanted to know more. I gave him my testimony. He was very touched and cried. I asked him if he didn’t want to make a new start in life. He converted to Jesus and I was overjoyed. A while later when I was at home I wasn’t sure if he had in fact really turned to Christ.
Last week I was at this Aldi again and another homeless street vendor was standing there selling the same newspaper. I called to him and asked about the other vendor. He answered, “Roman now has a life with Jesus and lives a completely stable life!”
How wonderful our Jesus is and it’s marvelous when a life is changed through Him! Jesus really brings lives from a minus to a plus!
Kindest regards, M.K.

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