Material miracle

Lost earring suddenly reappears!

Going home after the church service on Thursday I lost one of my earrings. Because it was my favorite earring I looked for it everywhere. The next day I searched for it in the church and also on the road where I had walked. David preached that evening about the acoustic of sound in all things and how he got his wallet back. On my way home that Friday night I declared out loud that my earring...

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Angel moves an oncoming car into the correct lane!

Today (24.07.14) when I was going home after work a car which had overtaken a truck in the curve came towards me. There was no way I could avoid this car but then I saw how someone took the car and put it in the correct lane in front of the truck. It was strange to see a car driving “awkwardly” and then I saw an angel standing there and it waved to me! With love, M.I.

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For a lover of meat: sausages grow in the pan!

During the Miracle Weekend with Todd Bentley he told us about his wish for some peanut butter and then jars of it materialized. Afterward the service, a friend and I fried 3 normal sized sausages in my pan. When I wanted to take them out of the pan I saw that the pan had got too small for them – they had grown 100 % in size and had got fatter! Without us praying for it our meal increased – God...

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Earrings rematerialize!

Last summer I took my jewellery purse with a ring, pendant and earrings with me on holiday and also wore them. When I got home the earrings were no longer in the purse. I searched and searched but couldn’t find them. I also went through my jewellery box but they weren’t there either. I then decreed that the earrings have to materialize. At first nothing happened. About 1 ½ weeks ago I thought to...

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Wedding ring that was missed für years gets rematerialised

My Dear Family, One Sunday morning Pastor Georg prayed for the rematerialization of lost things. I straight away thought of my wedding ring which had been missing for 2 to 3 years. The next day I was doing something and had the impression I should take a look in my trouser pockets. I went to my cupboard and searched one after the other through the pockets in my various trousers. At the same time...

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Healed through forgiveness and the supply of a stroller

Last year in autumn I suddenly got a rash – lots of little red dots that itched and they multiplied overnight. I wondered whether I should go to church because I wasn’t sure if it was contagious… I then did decide to go to church, and to later return home without a rash :-). After the service I had a long and intensive chat with Irina which led to the conclusion that I should forgive my previous...

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Windscreen cover “grows“ over the Miracle Weekend

Hi Pastor George, My new car has a much bigger windscreen than the one I had before. I was thinking about getting a new winter cover because the wiper blades freeze and some of the lower windscreen.  On the Saturday evening of the Miracle Weekend with Joshua Mills and you the outside temperature was minus so I put the cover on my windscreen. The cover had grown!!! It covered everything including...

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Divine protection on the train

Hi Dear Glory Life Team, A few weeks ago I was amazingly protected on the train. On my journey I was looking out of the window at the clouds and saw an angel. In the next curve the tram suddenly accelerated at full speed and I could feel the train start to tip. Suddenly, as though in a film, I saw like a wall go up which put the whole train back on track so nothing bad happened. Thank you! God...

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Supernatural repair of freezer

Hi, Last Saturday I was at the Glory Life Glory and Miracle Service in Nuremberg and when the talk was about the supernatural repair of defective appliances I stood because of my freezer that has been defect for the last 3 months. Now it is working normally. Praise the Lord! Kind regards, D.

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Defective printer is working again

After changing the printer cartridges my printer no longer functioned. I was unable to start a print job so I unplugged the printer. That is now a few weeks ago. The restoration of broken appliances was set free in the last church service by Pastor Georg, including a printer. He said, you must plug in your printer. When I got home I plugged in my printer and it worked again. Thank you Jesus!...

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iPad functions again

Dear Pastor Georg, You preached on Sunday that household appliances started to function again. I wish to let you know that I indeed experienced this miracle yesterday. When we got home the Spirit reminded me about this and I immediately fetched my iPad because when I charged it to 100% it emptied within hours. I thought I’ll have to get a new battery. I loaded the iPad and left it on overnight....

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Favor and help when buying a watch

Hello, Recently I was led by the Holy Spirit to donate toward the new church building. For ages I’d been on the look-out for a watch that hadn’t been in production over the last 10 years which made it very rare and hard to find. I was considering buying the watch in a still available form of this series and have the rare face built in which would have been complicated and costly. At church on...

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