Personal miracle reports

Lost earring suddenly reappears!

4. June 2021

Going home after the church service on Thursday I lost one of my earrings. Because it was my favorite earring I looked for it everywhere. The next day I searched for it in the church and also on the road where I had walked. David preached that evening about the acoustic of sound in all things and how he got his wallet back. On my way home that Friday night I declared out loud that my earring must return to me. To be on the safe side I set an angel free to bring it to me.
The following morning I took a look to see if the missing one might be lying next to the other. That was not the case. I decided not to worry and just trust. I wanted to buy some bread rolls and couldn’t believe my eyes! My earring lay there in front of the garage door completely intact! I had looked there the previous day, as well as all over the yard and had found nothing!
I thank God so much and the angel . . . This has encouraged me to be able deal with the bigger things to come.
With love, R.S.

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