Personal miracle reports

Via livestream: better mobility after a word of knowledge

Shalom! Today I was able to attend the service via livestream with joy and gratitude. For some time I have only been able to walk a few steps and sit for a few minutes. The second operation is still a few weeks away. When Pastor Georg had a word of knowledge that someone was here with hip, joint and spinal pain, I got up from the bed and said: 'I stretched out here - I want to receive healing!'...

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New strength after prayer: 25 km run without problems

Hello dear Glory Life Team, Last Sunday I was prayed for over the phone for my anemia (the blood results showed it). Every time I ran training I had to give up due to exhaustion. I thought I would have to wait another 3 weeks for my infusion doctor to come back, as I won't get iron again until then. The next day, Monday, I tried to resume training and was amazed that I could run for so long: 25...

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After prayer, the heart beats again without skipping a beat

Dear Pastors Irina and Georg Karl, A few days ago, my daughter E. had problems with her heart on several nights. In 3 nights, she had 1 short interruption each time. Last Wednesday night she had 2 interruptions. We prayed over the phone that the interruptions would disappear. On Friday afternoon, my daughter went to the doctor. He examined her and couldn't find anything wrong. The skips are...

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Pancreatic cancer – the tumor has regressed 100%

At the beginning of January, my husband found out that he had pancreatic cancer. An friend told us about the healing services at Glory Life. We attended a wonderful service there in April. Wonderful people prayed personally for my husband and our family. Strengthened, we drove home to Mainz. We were immediately sure that we were being helped. In the following weeks, my husband underwent...

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Pressure and pain in the kidneys are gone after prayer

Hello, My colleague at work came to me and told me that she had a very painful pelvic inflammatory disease for a few days. The drug therapy with antibiotics was not working sufficiently. So I offered her prayer. After a brief hesitation, she agreed. I laid my hands on her and prayed. Afterwards, she said that it was hot in her back. She said: "The pain and the pressure in my kidneys are...

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The prayer of faith will heal the sick!

Our daughter, who lives abroad with her family, suddenly had signs of meningitis this week with a stiff neck, very severe headaches, dizziness and fever! Since it was already evening and she didn't want to go to the hospital, we got on the phone with her husband and together we received the healing she deserved in Christ by binding and sending away the powers of sickness and taking communion...

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Great miracles of reconciliation and healing during the conference

Dear Pastor Georg, dear team, In spite of all the attacks of the enemy who tried to prevent us from coming to your conference, we were able to experience great things at this conference and afterwards! Our oldest daughter experienced tremendous healing and revival of family relationships during this conference weekend! She had flown to South Korea with her Korean husband and four children to...

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During the livestream: freed from coughing

My mom was at the screen during the conference and told me that she knelt down in front of the screen and said to God, 'take that cough away'. Then she had to cough a few times and gone was the cough. She told me today that her throat is completely clear and she no longer has to suck candy because of the cough. T.A.

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Experience spiritual liberation

Dear Glory Life Team, I would like to share my testimony with you. On 2/18/2023 I was at the Revival Center in Bad Griesbach where Pastor Georg was a guest preacher. Pastor Georg had the impression that someone was there who was still dealing with the spirit of death due to a bereavement that happened some time ago. This death would still be bothering the person today. Thereupon I contacted him...

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Cured of neck and shoulder pain at the conference

Dear Glory Life Team, I arrived in Filderstadt for the conference on Friday with very severe neck and shoulder pain. The pain was also very severe during the evening event. Nevertheless, I joined in the worship and raised my hands to God. When I went to bed, the pain was still there. The next morning I found that the pain was as good as gone. No one had prayed for it. Just a little pulling in...

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God shows Himself with gold dust and oil during the conference

Dear Pastor George, Joshua Mills, Brother Yun and Team, I have been going through a lot of emotional pain for months. At the conference this weekend I experienced a lot of physical healing (discs, spine) and heart healing. Today at worship I had an intense encounter with Jesus. I looked at my hands during the whole worship and said: Lord, I thank you for gold dust and your oil. And first came...

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