Personal miracle reports

Heating repaired supernaturally

Dear Glorylife friends, In January, when it was still below zero at night, the heating in our detached house broke down. Our heating engineer was unable to come due to illness and told me he would be out for at least three weeks. We contacted more than a dozen other companies, but either they didn't specialize in our type of heating or they were no longer accepting new customers. Three...

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Shoulder healed on the lifestream after a word of knowledge

Hello Pastor Georg, On the school evening last Thursday, which I was only able to watch at the weekend due to time constraints, there was a word of knowledge regarding the left shoulder and shoulder capsule. This obviously didn't affect any of the participants on site, so I felt all the more personally affected by it. At the beginning of the year, I had a sports accident with a lot of...

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Precious ring rematerialized

Dear Pastor Georg, God bless you all! I have experienced a great miracle. We were on vacation in Gand Canaria. There I wore a purple ring with two stones for dinner. I took it off and it was there for 2-3 days, then it disappeared. When we were packing, I looked everywhere, including under the chest of drawers, but the ring was nowhere to be found. Then I prayed that the ring would materialize...

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Fully resilient again after the conference

I am 35 years old and after a corona infection I only had a 50% physical capacity (measured by exercise ECG). I could no longer do much and was immediately overloaded with shortness of breath and exhaustion. I only knew that God could do something about my condition and went to the conference with Katie Souza with this attitude. Pastor George prayed for me and the spirit of death left me. The...

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Foot amputation no longer necessary

Dear ones, At the beginning of last week, a Gloryhouse participant asked us to pray for her brother-in-law who was in hospital and after many examinations the doctors decided to amputate his foot because it was no longer supplied with blood and one toe was already gone. On the day of the operation, we prayed with the Glory House couple and a healing servant from the Glory House who was visiting....

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Healthy spine

At the end of last year and beginning of this year, I received prayer in the livestream for healing of my thoracic vertebrae. At work, they had shifted due to incorrect lifting and since then I had been in constant pain, whether I was sitting and leaning on my back or lying down. When lying on my stomach, both my arms fell asleep. But after this prayer, strength went through my thoracic...

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Concentrated and clear thinking again

I would like to thank you for the sermons and prayers at the streamed seminar in Zurich last weekend. I was there live online on Fri and Sat evening and not only could I often feel the anointing very clearly when Pastor Georg prayed, but since then I no longer have this strange brain fog and can think more concentrated and clearly again. That is wonderful! Thank you Jesus! S.

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Answer to prayer: found Jesus and restored relationship

For years I prayed for my sister, who ended up in a cult at a young age and experienced spiritual abuse there. Later, after leaving the sect, she was disappointed by Christians, so that she turned her back on God and no longer wanted to know anything about faith and the church. However, I occasionally let her share in the miracles that God worked in my life after Jesus came into my life. In the...

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Flown out of the war zone safely

At the beginning of October 2023, I spent 8 days in Israel with my girlfriend. It was a round trip and we visited many holy sites. On October 7, the trip to the Dead Sea was unfortunately canceled due to the declaration of war and we had to stay in the hotel. Our group of 20 people were worried and anxious about the flight home. Many flights had been canceled. My friend was a firm believer and...

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Former customer said Yes to Jesus

Dear all, I've been retired for a good year now. I used to work in about 16 households a week. Of these, one client wanted to keep in touch with me. We also had a good relationship. So I recently invited her over for a fondue, which she really enjoyed. On her own initiative, she started talking about faith so that I could share my testimony with her. She was very impressed. She said that she...

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Out of the blue: new employees

Dear Glory Life Team, About 3 months ago I had Pastor Georg pray for me because I urgently need employees for my car repair shop in Constance. Anyone who has a business knows that the biggest problem at the moment is finding qualified and responsible employees. I had registered on 6 portals nationwide and had many conversations with job recruiters. However, the result was disastrous: there were...

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