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Shoulder healed on the lifestream after a word of knowledge

24. January 2024

Hello Pastor Georg,

On the school evening last Thursday, which I was only able to watch at the weekend due to time constraints, there was a word of knowledge regarding the left shoulder and shoulder capsule.

This obviously didn’t affect any of the participants on site, so I felt all the more personally affected by it.
At the beginning of the year, I had a sports accident with a lot of inconvenience, injuries and medical negligence in the course of treatment. My wrist was broken, my left shoulder was dislocated and was set in the ambulance.
Nevertheless, in the time that followed, it felt as if my arm was ‘hanging by a thread’ and I didn’t dare to move it, so that Sudeck’s disease developed in the broken wrist and a lot of things got stuck.
In the meantime, 11 months have passed with numerous physiotherapy sessions and lymph drainage.
It was only two weeks ago that a new physiotherapist discovered that the shoulder was not yet fully dislocated, which was confirmed by the blockages and lack of full mobility.
So I immediately took this word of knowledge for myself in faith, moved the shoulder joint several times and thanked God for it. During the day, I didn’t think about it any further.

But when it suddenly cracked twice in the evening in my left shoulder, briefly and quietly, I remembered and moved it again. Since then, I’ve felt a looseness and freedom of movement.

The day before yesterday I asked my physiotherapist if he could still feel the rest I described earlier. When he said no, which I had already suspected and hoped for, I was able to give him my testimony of this supernatural healing. Praise the Lord, thank you JESUS. May God continue to bless you all and your ministry. LG, K.R.

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