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Heating repaired supernaturally

11. April 2024

Dear Glorylife friends,

In January, when it was still below zero at night, the heating in our detached house broke down. Our heating engineer was unable to come due to illness and told me he would be out for at least three weeks. We contacted more than a dozen other companies, but either they didn’t specialize in our type of heating or they were no longer accepting new customers. Three technicians came to our house, looked at the heating system, but said it wasn’t worth repairing an appliance of this age. They wanted to sell us a new heating system for around EUR 20,000.

I prayed immediately after the heating broke down and knew that we would experience a miracle. When I prayed for the heating, I knew that God would provide us with everything. And in winter, that includes a working heating system. Whenever a company told me that they couldn’t help us, I became more certain that we didn’t need a specialist. Several times during my prayer times, I had the impression that I should blow through one of the access tubes on the heating system. This may sound nonsensical to a professional, but I knew this was a step of faith that would seem pointless and perhaps even crazy in the natural. My confidence that the heating would work again afterwards grew and grew.

Finally, I blew a tube through and less than a minute later the heating started up and has been running perfectly ever since. I immediately called the chimney sweep for the annual inspection and didn’t tell him about my unusual action. On the way out, he said: “The heating is running perfectly and has top values. As if it was brand new. That’s a miracle.” Yes, it is a miracle. Thank you Jesus, who provides us with everything so wonderfully. I am so grateful and full of joy. Best regards, A.B.

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