Healed after prayer – no more epileptic seizures for almost 3 years     

In June 2019, I was in church service with my daughter (now 16.5 yrs) when Pastor George said that there was someone who had been praying for a child who had epilepsy for some time and that God wanted to heal the child today. Determined, I stood up for my (shy)daughter. After Pastor George prayed for deliverance and complete healing I felt faith come into me that my daughter is healed. In the...

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Healed from epileptic seizures

Dear Pastor Georg, Ellen, a Glory Life student, recently told me: During summer her daughter was a guest at the Glory Life School. During a break she asked me to pray for her daughter who was having even more epileptic seizures recently. She was having them every week, sometimes even more often. I threw this spirit out in the Name of Jesus and forbade it to return. Her daughter had just told her...

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3 year old girl is delivered from epilepsy

We prayed for a 3 year old girl who suffered from epileptic fits since birth.  After a seizure ten weeks ago, despite taking medication, she had to go to hospital. I heard about this 9 ½ weeks ago and prayed.About a year ago the parents became Christians after healing and deliverance from allergy and diabetes. We all prayed, me from afar. For the last 9 weeks the child is free from epilepsy and...

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