Moved by his love: preaching the gospel and receiving healings

Hello dear pastors Georg and Irina,me and my husband visited a new family in our town: a couple with three small children from Ukraine. We brought them necessary clothes and food. And we were allowed to preach the Gospel to them and pray with them! While we were talking about Jesus and who we are in Christ Jesus, the love of God was felt so strongly in the room, this love streamed into us. We...

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Woke up from coma (after signs of brain death) through prayers

Hello dear ones, my new colleague's 24-year-old son was hit by a drunk driver driving 80 km/h. He flew 30 meters. He was hospitalized with a fractured skull, broken or fractured cervical vertebrae, ruptured liver and spleen, and bruised kidney, and was placed in a coma. Everyone in our Gloryhaus Whats App group interceded in prayer for him. We also prayed for the driver. After about...

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Reminded of giving in dream

I dreamt that I still had to transfer money for medication so that I could get it. The next morning, I pondered what that meant. It was around January 7, 2023, and unusually, since I had not donated anything to Glory Life until then, I knew what to do. I made a donation to Glory Life, and a few days later made another. Shortly thereafter, we were blessed by the Lord with a great deal of money....

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Hole in the eardrum closed supernaturally without surgery

Hello dear pastor George, since four months I had very strong earache. Therefore, I visited an ENT doctor. After some examinations, my doctor told me that I have a big eardrum rupture with a strong middle ear inflammation. First, the inflammation had to be treated with the medicines cortisone and antibiotics and only after that the eardrum crack/hole should be operated. I already had prayers for...

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Demons left me at the livestream

Pastor George, THANK YOU PRAISE THE LORD. Several demons have left me. I have experience and know when demons leave. The Lord has provided wonderfully in my life, I can report many miracles of provision and healing. Even now in my old age (70) the Lord will provide for me (electricity costs increase from € 35 to € 130, etc). I will believe Him. ♥️AMEN♥️ Be blessed, P.B.

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Healing of high blood pressure and healing of the right part of the lungs

Dear brothers and sisters, Jesus has cured the essential hypertension (high blood pressure) - until now I had to swallow 3 tablets just because of the high blood pressure. Now I don't need any more pills for my blood pressure :-))). When I was with you in the miracle service about 3 weeks ago, Jesus healed my right part of the lung which was broken due to decades of cystic fibrosis. Only a year...

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Healed from food intolerances

Dear Glorylife, dear Pastor Georg, For years I suffered from a severe histamine intolerance and many food intolerances, i.e. I could not eat anything that I had not carefully prepared myself. Eating out was not possible. Intolerant foods caused severe abdominal cramps, diarrhea and exhaustion. I was convinced that by faith I would be healed of my histamine intolerance and food intolerances in...

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Really great healing: legs are the same length again

Hello everyone, when Marion prayed for me on Sunday, she noticed that my legs were not the same length. And while she was holding my feet in her hands, the legs were already brought to the same length. And that has had a tremendous impact on my mobility since then. It's such a joy to notice the improvement in walking, skating, climbing stairs, just everything. There's been a really big healing,...

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A large cut was no longer visible after 2 days 

When I was emptying the dishwasher a few days ago in the evening, I stupidly touched the potato peeler on the cutting edge and when I took it out, I cut myself on the finger, so that a wider wound in the flesh gaped apart. This, of course, bled accordingly. I prayed the following, "the glory of God upon my finger, thank You Father, that by the creative power of God You would heal my finger...

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Healing from severe back pain after prayer on the phone

Hello dear ones, Last week was my spiritual birthday (5 years since my salvation) and I asked the Lord if He had a gift for me.... In the evening I received the following message: Good evening, can you help me? At the moment I have severe pain in my lower back on the left side over my buttocks and hips to my knees and further to my toes. We spoke on the phone and I asked her how bad the pain was...

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