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Answer to prayer: found Jesus and restored relationship

24. January 2024

For years I prayed for my sister, who ended up in a cult at a young age and experienced spiritual abuse there. Later, after leaving the sect, she was disappointed by Christians, so that she turned her back on God and no longer wanted to know anything about faith and the church.

However, I occasionally let her share in the miracles that God worked in my life after Jesus came into my life. In the fall of 2023, I dared to send her a link to our Glorylife service via WhatsApp. Shortly afterwards, she wrote back to me that she was so depressed that very day and stopped at a wayside cross on her walk with the dog and poured out her heart to Jesus and asked Him questions. When she got home, she discovered the link from me on her smartphone and received the exact answers to her questions through a sermon by our Christian.

She was stunned and deeply touched by how God spoke to her through the message and had exactly the right answers to her questions to him. Since then, the fire of revival has broken out in her and God is the number one topic in her life.

The relationship between me and my sister, which had been reserved and cooled for years, has also been completely renewed and restored.

Two days ago, she sent me a photo of her Elberfelder Bible, which she bought brand new after discovering that the book of Isaiah in her Bible ended with chapter 33 and she was puzzled by this.
This answer to prayer for my sister was one of other breakthroughs that God worked in my life in 2023, the year of the breakthrough. All glory to Him! J.S.

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