Shoulder healed on the lifestream after a word of knowledge

Hello Pastor Georg, On the school evening last Thursday, which I was only able to watch at the weekend due to time constraints, there was a word of knowledge regarding the left shoulder and shoulder capsule. This obviously didn't affect any of the participants on site, so I felt all the more personally affected by it. At the beginning of the year, I had a sports accident with a lot of...

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mightily touched and healed by the Holy Spirit during my first church service

Dear ones, on Sunday, April 24 2022, we came to the church service with a first-time visitor. She was mightily touched, also received healings on her pancreas and pain in her arm was gone. On the way home she said she still had such hot hands and felt power. My friend told her to put her hands on my shoulders from behind as she had been feeling partial tension pain for some time. The next day...

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Healed from shoulder impingement syndrome!

I couldn’t lift my arms up and was in pain. Shoulder impingement syndrome was diagnosed. The prescribed tablets were of no help. During the Glory and Miracle Church Service on the 22nd June Pastor Georg set healing power free and suddenly I was able to move both my arms up, down and around without a problem and without pain, and it has remained so! M.S.

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Healed from various long term ailments!

For a long time I had hunched shoulders. Since someone from the healing team prayed for me I now have normal shoulders just like when I was young! For 25 years I also suffered a deep pain when my hips and legs moved. Since the Glory and Miracle Service on 31 January this pain has disappeared! I always had to have a cushion between my knees in order to sleep. What a pleasure that this is now a...

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Shoulder complaint and problems with the gastrointestinal tract disappear!

Hi Dear Friends, In November 14 I had acute pain in the right shoulder and it was painful when I lifted it. Someone from the healing team in Hamburg prayed for me and from then on it got better. After two weeks all pain was gone. Thank you Jesus! In March I also received prayed for my gastrointestinal tract from the Hamburg healing team. I was again having problems with pain, wind and nausea....

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Healed from painful shoulder problems through a word of knowledge

Dear Pastor George, Today, the 26 June, I accompanied my daughter to the Miracle Service in the Glory Life Zentrum. I was only there in order to accompany her. I want to tell you that I had terrible pain that morning in my left shoulder. This had been my problem for many years because of a strain on my left arm. After your “word of knowledge” I was healed today from this pain. A question: How...

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Hairdresser experiences a healing miracle with her shoulder

When I was at the hairdresser three weeks ago a young lady cut my hair and I noticed something wasn’t right with her right arm and I asked her about it. She told me that for weeks she had suffered pain in her shoulder joint and was unable to use her arm properly. I said I had been witness to many healing miracles that God had done. I told her about a few and then asked if I could pray for her....

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Pain in the back and shoulder disappears

Dear Pastor Georg, On 12 August 2018 I was in the church service with you in Hamburg. You spoke about whether we want people to be healed in our shadow.For fun I kept in your shadow and later discovered a miracle. For a long time I kept getting recurring pain in my back and shoulder. I often used heat plasters and painkillers. I followed you by staying in your shadow and now the pain in my...

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Shoulder healed and gastro-intestinal problems disappear

On Saturday 10 November I was with my wife in the Glory and Miracle Service in Nuremberg. A few months ago I had an auto accident with a tram and in the Nuremberg Glory Life Service have experienced a miracle on my shoulder. I had continual pain and neither medical treatment nor physiotherapy helped. I could hardly use my shoulder, arm and elbow. The doctor said I should learn to live with it...

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Shoulder healed during praise and worship

During the conference on Saturday night on 17 November my shoulder got healed during praise and worship. When I fell off my bicycle end of May, the handle bars landed on my biceps tendon which caused me big problems. There were some movements that I couldn’t manage at all. I was also unable to hold both arms up together in worship. Since Saturday night I am able to move my arm without pain....

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