Personal miracle reports

Hairdresser experiences a healing miracle with her shoulder

17. February 2021

When I was at the hairdresser three weeks ago a young lady cut my hair and I noticed something wasn’t right with her right arm and I asked her about it.
She told me that for weeks she had suffered pain in her shoulder joint and was unable to use her arm properly. I said I had been witness to many healing miracles that God had done. I told her about a few and then asked if I could pray for her.
She said, “But I’m Muslim!” I couldn’t help grinning and said, “In this case it doesn’t matter!”
I started prayer in the name of Jesus and commanded the pain and inflammation to disappear. I then spoke complete normal working order into the shoulder.
Sometime later I was back in this hair salon and again spoke of healing miracles. I then casually asked about her shoulder.
She said, “Yes, that with my shoulder – since then I’ve had no more pain.”


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